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Are you taking up enough space?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Some people are expert 'space takers'. Others are still learning.

Taking up space is one of those game-changing things you can do to drive your business or career success. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a professional woman, your ability to take up space is a timeless asset. If you've already mastered the art, let me be the first to congratulate you. If you're working on it, keep going. The rewards are worth it.

Taking up space is about standing out. It's about making yourself memorable and near impossible to ignore. Taking up space is about connecting with people on a deep, emotional level. It's about you and the impact you have on others and how they feel when they see or hear you. If you want to be memorable, called upon, respected, hired, promoted, you absolutely need to know how to take up space. You need to know how to make people 'feel'.

The good news is that it's actually quite easy and anyone can do it. The challenge is, it's not simple. You're going to have to get comfortable with yourself; your strengths and your foibles. And you're going to use you - the real genuine you - to connect with people and help them to feel something. Master that and you'll be forever memorable.

So how do you make someone feel something? Truth be told, you can't: Only they can make themselves feel something. But what you can do is create the environment for people to feel. Every feeling originates with a thought, so if you want to connect with people on that deep, 'feelings' level, you're going to have to make them think. Tell stories, be vulnerable, be absolutely, genuinely yourself (people can smell fake a mile away), take them on a journey, wear your heart on your sleeve, let your purpose and passion show. Be so real that it makes you nervous. Your 'realness' will inspire and motivate others. Your vulnerability gives other people permission to be vulnerable, to be real, to be themselves. And that's what everyone craves. Whether it's your client, customer, team member, or colleague, everyone has an innate desire to be accepted for who they truly are. If you can help people to show up whole and unadulterated, you're helping them to set themselves free to succeed on a level they never thought possible. Do that, and you'll forever take up space inside their minds. You'll be the manager everyone quotes as the "best one I ever had", you'll be the entrepreneur or salesperson who "changed my life". You can be that person who does great work and helps other people succeed. Be the one who lifts them up and gives them wings. That's how you take up space.

Why am I so passionate about this? First and foremost, I love real people. Whether I agree with their perspectives or not isn't important. When people are real, raw, and genuine, I feel drawn to them, and I always remember them. And if you can be completely who you are, stay true to yourself, avoid mimicking someone else, just do you, people will be easily drawn to you too. You can stand out on line, in brick and mortar, or in the workplace. People will remember when everyone else is vanilla and you're chocolate. What could be easier than being yourself? It may take a bit of work to rediscover who you are, what drives you, and what you're passionate about, but get all that clear and you're unstoppable. And you'll be the proud owner of some serious mental real-estate in other people's minds!

Taking up space is a game changer. And it's not about how many times a day you post on social media, how much you contributed at the meeting, or how physically present you are. While those things help, they won't hold your place in people's minds. That can only be done by being a genuine, real, intentional human being. You'll be remembered for your passion and conviction, and your determination and drive. Because all those things lead people to feel something within themselves. Master that, and you've mastered the gateway to real success. If you want real success as an entrepreneur or as a professional woman, taking up space in people's minds is the way to get there. You want people to remember you even when they can't see or hear you. You want to take up space.

We live in a world full of superficial facades. We crave realness. Be real, be yourself, be totally one hundred per cent genuine, and you'll take up massive amounts of space. Everything you need to succeed is already inside you. All you have to do is let it out.

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