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The Leadership Acceleration LabTM
24-week Leadership Accelerator for Scientists & SMEs

Leadership is a race against time.


You have just six months to make your mark and demonstrate your impact.

The stark reality?


Up to 60% of new leaders falter within their first 18 months, and at the executive level, this figure can soar to 70%.


Missteps in leadership can lead to significant setbacks for individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

For scientists and subject-matter experts, the challenge is even more pronounced.


The very skills that propel you to the top of your field often don't translate into effective leadership.


It's the classic dilemma of 'what got you here won’t get you there'.


Relying solely on past successes without adapting your approach can have unforeseen and costly consequences.

Drawing from over two decades of experience in leading and developing scientists and SMEs, and backed by over 1,000 hours of coaching and instruction, I've developed The Leadership Acceleration Lab™.


This 24-week intensive group program is meticulously crafted to supercharge the leadership capabilities of scientists, subject-matter experts, and data-centric professionals.

In The Leadership Acceleration Lab™, we don't just enhance your leadership skills; we revolutionize them.


Our focus is on rapidly building your confidence, influence, and impact, ensuring that you not only succeed but excel early in your leadership role.

Embark on a transformative journey with The Leadership Acceleration Lab™ and redefine what it means to lead with expertise.

Welcome to The Leadership Acceleration Lab™

This dynamic 24-week program is meticulously crafted to redefine leadership for scientists and subject-matter experts.


This program isn’t just about learning; it’s about transforming.

Structured into four comprehensive modules, The Leadership Acceleration Lab™ employs a blend of four potent methodologies:

  1. Interactive Workshops

       Dive into pragmatic, engaging workshops designed to challenge and expand your leadership confidence and       


  2. Real-World Application

       Put theory into practice with assignments that translate learning into tangible action with tangible impact.

  3. Personal 360-Assessments

       Gain valuable insights into your leadership style and impact with thorough 360-degree feedback.

   4. Personalised Coaching

       Benefit from both one-on-one and group coaching sessions, providing tailored support and collaborative learning         experiences.


Our approach is focused on embedding deep, practical knowledge and know-how, ensuring that you emerge not just as a leader, but as a confident, trusted influencer with executive-level presence and people skills.


The Leadership Acceleration Lab™ is more than a program; it’s a transformational journey, equipping you to lead with confidence, influence, and insight now, and well into the future. 

What People are Saying
Image by Naveen Kumar

"Tina is clear, concise, and to the point, but at the same time can reinforce a message without appearing to repeat herself. Her approach is very engaging, and she uses her vast experience to illustrate her points so well, you forget you are learning. She's an extremely good facilitator and speaker."


Image by D21_Gallery

"I always appreciate Tina's honesty, her ability to ask the tough questions that make leaders think about what they are saying and how they could view things differently."


                                                                                                                             Lisa D. 

Image by Benoit Debaix

"Tina excels in getting people to open up; even us introverts!" 


                                                                                                                    Stephanie L.

Image by Shubham Sharan

"Tina thinks fast. She applied our examples to the learning material which really made it stick."                                                                             


Image by Alessio Patron

"Tina's energy and enthusiasm is infectious. This program has helped me to be less reactive and more responsive in various types of situations. I feel much better equipped to know how to deal with emotions; mine, and other people's."




"Tina has good energy, is no-nonsense, and confident. She's firm yet sensitive, which opened up the space for us to talk about unspoken frustrations. I learned a lot."


                                                                                                                      Jamie W.

Ice Skating

"I found Tina to really embody what she was teaching, and appreciated that she found something useful in each person’s comments and she used that to advance the discussion."

                                                                                                                     Catharine A.

Image by Moujib Aghrout

"Tina was very transparent with the group. She pulled detailed responses from participants while ensuring the individual being questioned never felt singled out. She gave time for the group to share concerns, discuss and elaborate. She engaged the entire group which led to better discussions and understanding of how we, as a group of leaders, can best lead our teams."

                                                                                                                       Susan W.

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