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Workshops & Speaking

Like science, great leadership can be learned. 

Science and data-driven organizations are filled with extremely bright people, each with their specific expertise and personal brand of genius. 

This individual and collective expertise is critical to the success of the organization: The very foundations are built on it. 

But, just as man cannot live by bread alone, an organization cannot achieve its full potential unless each individual within it is achieving theirs. 

It's the ability to engage, inspire, and stimulate human behaviour that delivers immediate and consistent results. In short, it is finely tuned leadership competence at every level of the organization.  

In science-based and data-driven organizations, science and data are the priorities and, for this reason, the critical importance of so-called 'soft skills' can be easily overlooked. Add to this that many scientists are introverted and effective, trust-based leadership becomes something of a persistent hope rather than a reality.  

I've worked with scientists in science-led organizations my entire professional life. I have over two decades of executive leadership experience developing, promoting, and working alongside scientists, and I have more than 600 hours coaching, mentoring and teaching scientist leaders, and leaders in science-based organizations how to become highly trusted, confident, influential leaders.  

My workshops and speaking engagements address the elements that - for scientists - can be the most uncomfortable to learn, the hardest to master, yet make the greatest positive impact on their performance and that of their organization. 

Areas of Focus:

  • Heighten and fine-tune self-awareness

  • Hone intuition, instinct, and influence

  • Deliver immediately tangible and sustainable results

My Commitment to You:

  • The content of our workshops can be applied, seen, and felt immediately

  • Delivery is grounded in experience, bolstered with theory, and engages every participant; even the introverts!

Workshops can be one-half day to four days, and are tailored to your specific needs. 

CLICK HERE to read feedback from more than 650 workshop participants.

Scheduling Your Workshop

To discuss your specific needs, please contact me at:

When we work together, I will:

  • Meet with the appropriate people to conduct a needs assessment

  • Confirm learning objectives and desired outcomes

  • Design and deliver an engaging workshop that provides immediate tangible benefit

  • Provide a report of the workshop, with notes from breakouts

  • Provide proof of attendance for participants

Client Feedback 

Image by mwangi gatheca

"Tina is an impressive individual for several characteristics which I believe are key to her success. Particularly striking is her being motivated by a strong sense of altruism, a quality rather insufficiently prevalent in general, and one which makes her a pleasure to work with. She is a high energy, focused and lets-get-the-job-done…and done well…person. Tina leads and facilitates meetings and program development process in a polished and highly collaborative manner, so that stakeholders leave meetings feeling understood and crystal clear about next steps."
                                                                                                                  Dr Michael Cord


"Tina has good energy, is no-nonsense, and confident. She's firm yet sensitive, which opened up the space for us to talk about unspoken frustrations. I learned a lot."


                                                                                                                      Jamie W.

Image by Moujib Aghrout

"Tina was very transparent with the group. She pulled detailed responses from participants while ensuring the individual being questioned never felt singled out. She gave time for the group to share concerns, discuss and elaborate. She engaged the entire group which led to better discussions and understanding of how we, as a group of leaders, can best lead our teams."

                                                                                                                       Susan W.

Image by Benoit Debaix

"Tina excels in getting people to open up; even us introverts!" 


                                                                                                                    Stephanie L.

Image by Alessio Patron

"Tina's energy and enthusiasm is infectious. This program has helped me to be less reactive and more responsive in various types of situations. I feel much better equipped to know how to deal with emotions; mine, and other people's."



Image by Naveen Kumar

"Tina is clear, concise, and to the point, but at the same time can reinforce a message without appearing to repeat herself. Her approach is very engaging, and she uses her vast experience to illustrate her points so well, you forget you are learning. She's an extremely good facilitator and speaker."


Image by Naveen Kumar

"I found Tina to really embody what she was teaching, and appreciated that she found something useful in each person’s comments and she used that to advance the discussion."

                                                                                                                     Catharine A.

Image by D21_Gallery

"I always appreciate Tina's honesty, her ability to ask the tough questions that make leaders think about what they are saying and how they could view things differently."


                                                                                                                             Lisa D. 

Image by Shubham Sharan

"Tina thinks fast. She applied our examples to the learning material which really made it stick."                                                                             


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