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Dr Michael Cord MD, Toronto

"Tina is an impressive individual for several characteristics which I believe are key to her success. Particularly striking is her being motivated by a strong sense of altruism, a quality rather insufficiently prevalent in general, and one which makes her a pleasure to work with. She is a high energy, focused and lets-get-the-job-done…and done well…person. Tina leads and facilitates meetings and program development process in a polished and highly collaborative manner, so that stakeholders leave meetings feeling understood and crystal clear about next steps."

Dr Michael Cord MD, Toronto

"Tina is an impressive individual for several characteristics which I believe are key to her success. Particularly striking is her being motivated by a strong sense of altruism, a quality rather insufficiently prevalent in general, and one which makes her a pleasure to work with. She is a high energy, focused and lets-get-the-job-done…and done well…person. Tina leads and facilitates meetings and program development process in a polished and highly collaborative manner, so that stakeholders leave meetings feeling understood and crystal clear about next steps."

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Dr Deniz Kaya MD 
Medical Director, Bausch & Lomb

Turkey, Greece, Middle East, Africa, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland & Nordic Countries Bausch & Lomb

Istanbul, Turkey

I had the pleasure of working with Tina for the last few months to gain a deeper insight of my leadership style. I was not actually sure what to expect from this experience before we have started our one-on-ones with Tina. However, I very quickly found out that she was not only an incredible empathetic listener, but she also analyzed the information she received almost instantly and turned it into valuable insights. She does that with a very non-judgemental manner making you feel hand-in-hand with a colleague who had experienced and understood what you were going through. Her open communication style highlights the wrong beliefs or behavioral patterns in a diligent and efficient way.

In a very complicated phase of my career when I had to deal with many changes like separating from my boss whom I had a great relationship with, changing a career path while leaving my team behind and moving into another country, her support and guidance were beyond words which I believe is a natural outcome of her years of professional experience, training, qualifications and skill set on executive coaching.

Tina does push you in difficult conversations after which I often found myself thinking about what she said for the whole week. She urges you to think about the unhealthy patters you have endorsed – by the way, these might have worked for you in the past – and find out why you pursue those. After a while, she guides you to come up with correct patterns which would clearly serve for a healthier working environment for your teams and set some boundaries to protect yourself as well. Her statement, “We train people how to treat us” is one of my mottos now which I will cherish for the rest of my career and personal life.

Image by Shubham Sharan

Dr Manon Bombardier PhD, MBA
Associate Deputy Minister

Government of Canada
Health Canada

Ottawa, Canada

Tina conducted my 360 assessment as a senior executive in the public service. It included soliciting feedback on a questionnaire and interviewing over 12 colleagues (managers, peers, direct reports and others). Although I underwent several 360 assessments over my career, I found Tina’s approach to be comprehensive, thorough and highly valuable. It covered a wide range of EI components and provided a level of details that allowed me to identify key areas that would require particular attention and efforts. Tina’s approach was very objective, grounded in evidence, and personalized. She took the time to meet with each of my respondents, asking them questions to seek their candid feedback. She also took time to present and discuss the results with me, and provided the context to help me better understand the data. What I appreciated particularly is that the various factors assessed were looked both individually and in their totality, which revealed additional helpful insight, for instance on possible causation links. Tina also conducted a 360 assessment of all of the executives within our organization. This broader exercise which was followed by individual coaching, has been instrumental in understanding the various mindsets at play, as well as common or recurring behaviours that may not be aligned with the desired culture. She continues to provide support and advice to our management team, including leadership training that focuses on the desired behaviours and mindsets. I have been extremely pleased with Tina’s services and professionalism. I highly recommend her to everyone who takes the 360-degree feedback process seriously.

Image by Matt Wang

Dr Diane McIntosh MD, FRCPC
Psychiatrist & Chief Neuroscience Officer, Telus

Vancouver, Canada

"I worked with Tina during a particularly challenging time in my professional life. She was a steadying, thoughtful, compassionate guide. I appreciated her wealth of experience, her ability to listen intently and then reflect, and her honesty and integrity. I didn’t want someone to merely support my position, but to challenge me, help me to reframe some of my experiences or to be a “devil’s advocate”, depending on the situation. She walked beside me, which buoyed my courage, reinforced my determination, and help me to avoid self-doubt. In short, Tina was an incredible resource and helped me immeasurably to weather some difficult storms and ultimately, to find infinitely calmer waters.

Image by Nathalia Segato

Dr Maxime Barakat MD, PhD, MBA
Head, VP International Medical & Clinical Affairs

VP Global Medical Devices/Clinical Evaluation Group
Bausch Health

Montreal, Canada

"I had the privilege as an executive of an international Corporation to hire Tina as a personal coach for a long period spanning more than 6 months in the midst of the pandemic.

Through all of my coaching sessions, I have learned to integrate practical and simple advice and tips that have proven to be effective in enabling me to become a better leader. Tina has an exceptional ability to understand and identify bad habits that negatively influence our leadership, and then, to propose certain tweaks and attitudes that completely change our leadership style. I recommend Tina as an executive coach to anyone who wants to adapt and improve his/her leadership and has a positive and lasting impact on his/her team, colleagues, and company."

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Luisa M. 
Public Health Science & Research


Toronto, Canada

I had the opportunity to work with Tina over the course of a year. I came to Tina to help me recover from burnout and imposter syndrome. She also worked with me through a promotion and how to supervise and coach employees, which led to demonstrated success in the role (management noticed). Tina answered all of my questions in a thoughtful and effective way and was readily available when I needed her support. Her listening skills set her apart as she is able to drill down to the root cause of the behaviour in question.

My confidence and ability to navigate any work situation has skyrocketed. I have become an effective leader and high-value employee, as Tina gave me the tools and challenged my ways of thinking that have enabled me to navigate any work situation and interaction. She also supported me with planning the next stage of my career. I also appreciated Tina's witty sense of humour and her personable approach which made me look forward to each one of our sessions. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tina to professionals at any stage in their career and look forward to working with Tina again in the future.

Image by Tobias

Nathalie Perreault

Sr Director, McKesson Corporation

Montreal, Canada

"Tina is a gifted listener. It’s more than her empathy and ability to focus on someone else; she is uniquely able to distill what she has heard into valuable, credible insight. Her ability to do that distinguishes her from all other coaches. Tina has the smarts, drive, education and experience foundation essential when communicating with executives. I believe that Tina was meant to be a coach. I find myself often thinking about her words, remembering them and acting upon them. I recommend Tina highly as an executive and career coach."

Image by Ralph Spegel

Julia Sheppard
Director of Finance

London, UK

"I started working with Tina a month or so before I started a new role.  My previous role had been extremely difficult within a toxic environment that had left my confidence at an all-time low. I worked with Tina on building it back up ... and wow I really don’t know how to articulate how much she helped me. I felt comfortable with Tina immediately and never felt judged. She challenged me to question why I behaved in certain ways and then we would talk through tools and techniques to adjust that behaviour. She didn’t just give me the answers but challenged me to really question my style. Equally though, when I really didn’t know what to do she was there with plenty of helpful suggestions. Initially, I was apprehensive about the sessions, add to that that they were via zoom, but the format worked well and any nerves disappeared within minutes. I genuinely would recommend Tina to you. I feel so much stronger, content and confident in my ability and my decision making. I wish I had met her sooner."

Image by Moujib Aghrout


Managing Director

Manchester, UK

"After successfully leading my company through a rough patch I felt on top of the world. And then, in a moment, I started to doubt every decision I made. I read every leadership book I could get my hands on, but I still couldn't talk myself out of self-doubt and second-guessing. Enter Tina. I've worked with executive coaches before, but Tina has something special. She's intuitive and clever, and she expertly balances support, challenge, and practical guidance. She's down-to-earth, direct, real, and smart. Our conversations were challenging but effortless (if you've worked with Tina, you'll know what I mean!) Take it from someone who has chewed their way through many executive coaches, I know a good one when I find one, and Tina is in a league of her own." 

Image by Antonio Gabola

James P.

Vice-President, Finance

Chicago, USA

"I'll be honest, I had my doubts about what I was going to get from this experience. I figured it was going to be a waste of my time, and I went into this with a lot of preconceived ideas and even more skepticism. I won't lie, I was a bit of jerk. But Tina was ready for me. She's pretty no-nonsense and she expertly cuts through the B.S. and gets right to the heart of the matter. She asks clever questions that make you sit up and think. What's interesting is the clever way she challenges and persists while remaining supportive and non-judgemental. I don't open up easily, but Tina had me spilling it all within the first few minutes! My team, my colleagues, and my boss have noticed a big change for the better: So have I. Never under-estimate the power of a coach of Tina's caliber. Working with her has pretty much secured my next-level promotion."

Edmonton downtown Winter skyline just af



Edmonton, Canada

"I'm great with numbers, not so great with people. At least that's what I told myself. I knew I needed help but didn't know where to start. A friend who had beta-tested one of Tina's programs told me about her and said I should contact her. I wasn't sure what to expect but WOW! I took a leap of faith and took the Confidence Boost Intensive program. I still can't quite believe how much I've changed. In the first three weeks, my wife noticed, my teenage daughter noticed, my boss noticed, my team noticed, even my Mom noticed! I'm having Tina run this program with my entire team. If you're not sure whether or not to do this program, do it. You won't believe the B.S. going on inside your head. Tina has a clever way of cutting through it and getting to the stuff that makes a big difference quickly. She's direct, but there's something about her that makes you know you can hand over your vulnerability knowing it will be treated with respect. I was nervous about working with a coach and now I'm wondering why the hell I didn't do this ten years ago!"

Image by Roman Fox

Ewa Campbell

Chief Marketing Officer

London, UK

"Tina supported me through a period of change recently. I took part in the 'Confidence Boost Intensive’ program. Tina's command of the subject matter was quite evident by how simply she could explain and teach complex ideas and methods. Her encouragement, support, and practical tips were hugely beneficial as I start on my new journey of transformation. 


Her mentorship under this program was also invaluable - professional, action-oriented, and nuanced. I found Tina to be honest, insightful, empathetic, and engaging. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Image by Matthias Mullie

Christine K.

Brand Lead

Montreal, Canada

"Tina allowed me to truly uncover my strengths, potential and boost my self-confidence. Her perspectives, experience and guidance allow in-depth self-discovery and reflection. At the same time, Tina's lively and outgoing personality keeps the tone light and fun (which is always a plus as growth can be slightly uncomfortable)."

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Vice President, Accounting

Cayman Islands

"This program has benefited me in so many ways, from greater self-awareness and new insights to concrete suggestions and practical tools that I could apply right away. Tina has been fantastic to work with, expertly balancing her questioning, feedback and encouragement and enabling me to overcome my confidence barriers.  The Confidence Boost Intensive Program has truly opened up new ways of thinking and has finally given me the confidence to take back control of my career!"

Image by Tobias

Dr Cooper

Biopharma Consultant

Montreal, Canada

"I found the coach that absolutely meets my needs! Tina’s thoughtful and encouraging communication style combined with her years of experience in marketing and small business ownership have been of invaluable help to me as I launch my consulting practice. When I feel stuck, she works with me to solve the underlying issue. I leave my sessions with her feeling like I have someone in my corner routing for me. She has influenced the way I coach. I can still hear her saying to me “Eat the elephant one bite at a time.” It is advice that I give other people when they struggle with feeling overwhelmed. When I think of Tina, I see a pair of helping hands – sometimes the hands hold resources and information, sometimes they are just outstretched to remind me that I am not alone – always they are there to support me."

Image by ekoherwantoro


Jakarta, Indonesia

"I had a lack of confidence which hindered my performance at work and really got in the way of my future opportunities. Tina always listened to anything I wanted to discuss she then brought me to common sense, and logical thought which makes me realize many things. I learned that only I can change into what I want to become. My mind just needs to be convinced.  I learned where my lack of confidence comes from, and realize that nothing can stop me if I want to do or achieve something. Working with Tina has left me feeling encouraged, motivated, and excited. I am controlling my fear by facing it so I can turn negative thoughts and feelings quickly into positive thoughts and feelings. Through this process I've realized that I'm a great person, that I'm successful, and I can feel proud of that."

Image by Andrei Ianovskii


Service Manager

Lincolnshire, UK

"Tina helped to get down to the really important stuff quickly so that things could start moving along.  Working with Tina helps to push your boundaries and get you out of your comfort zone. My fear of failure and what other people might think had taken over my thoughts more than I could see.  I learned that my confidence was there all along, it was just waiting for the right time to come back out after a long break. I will go to work with the belief that I am capable, I do deserve the job and I am equal to those around me."

Image by Gaurav

Dr Michael Cord, MD

Toronto, Canada

"Tina is an impressive individual for several characteristics which I believe are key to her success. Particularly striking is her being motivated by a strong sense of altruism, a quality rather insufficiently prevalent in general, and one which makes her a pleasure to work with. She is a high energy, focused and lets-get-the-job-done…and done well…person. Tina leads and facilitates meetings and program development process in a polished and highly collaborative manner, so that stakeholders leave meetings feeling understood and crystal clear about next steps."

Image by Rod Long

Anne C.

Nurse Specialist

New Zealand

"Tina is friendly, bubbly and intelligent. I feel really understood and every session moves me to the next level of developing my business. I feel she really 'gets me'. Tina helped me open up doors to opportunities I would otherwise never have had. Through working with Tina as my coach, I have moved through blocks quickly. I feel so motivated and Tina has the ability to see and help me overcome the barriers to making things possible. I’ve gained motivation and momentum. Tina has helped me find the courage to take action to fulfil my dreams."

Image by Chelsey Faucher

Jennifer Lalonde

Executive Director

Ottawa, Canada

"I had the pleasure of working with Tina to facilitate a team-building workshop for a local charity. Her professionalism and level of preparation was impressive. Ahead of time, she quickly and effectively identified the problems, dug into the issues, and clearly outlined the expectations and objectives for the workshop. Her enthusiasm and ability to engage participants on the day of the workshop was remarkable. Everyone was heard and had the opportunity to feed into the solutions.

I highly recommend Tina.You won’t be disappointed."   


Image by Hugo Sousa

Dr Samantha Steer

Dental Surgeon & Practice Owner

London, UK

"Tina is a fantastic listener and took the time to really understand me as a person and unravel the life challenges and ambitions that I have. She has a very unique ability to cleverly guide you through a thought process to understand who you are and what your desires are, and align them with your goals.Tina has helped me identify all of the negative thought processes and behaviours that have hindered my progress in the past. She has aided me in improving myself and propelling me forward in life and business and helping me reach my potential. She has given me guidance, invaluable exercises and tips on how to remove anxieties and take control. It has felt effortless working with Tina, thoroughly enjoyable, and most importantly it has felt safe to open up to Tina about my life. She has guided and encouraged me to take risks and push me out of my comfort zone, thereby facing and reducing my fears. Week by week I have felt my confidence increasing and all areas of my life are feeling more successful.  Moving forwards, I have the skills to lead my life at home and in business with a new self awareness, changed perspectives, increased self-esteem and confidence. Not only am I feeling successful heading towards my goals but I will now be enjoying it more every step of the way. This experience has been truly indispensable and will serve me as I further climb my ladder realizing my goals. Tina has been a fantastic mentor and I would highly recommend her."

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