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Everyone has their own personal brand of genius. 


Uncover it, and you feel deep-rooted, rock-solid confidence that unlocks your unique power, potential, and success. 

Grab hold of your inherent gifts and put them to work, and success is inevitable.

When you try to conform, mimic another's success, focus on fixing your weaknesses, fit the mold, and use tools that work for others but not for you, your entrepreneurial or professional journey hits a wall. 

You already have everything you need to succeed.

And when you build and grow your business using your strengths with tools that work for you, success is inevitable. 

Everything you need to succeed is inside you. I help you let it out. 

Hi, I'm Tina.

I work with entrepreneurial women whose businesses are built from their experiences, purpose, and passion. I teach them how to uncover and use their personal genius to build unshakeable confidence and achieve massive success.


I've always been one of those people who throw themselves, head-long, into everything. I'm either 100% in or I'm out. I don't dabble: Half-assing it just isn't in my make-up. From a Fortune 500 executive career that spanned two decades, two continents, and numerous multi-million dollar businesses, to building my business, to getting my black belt in karate, to rebuilding my life after a big ugly set-back, raw desire, determination and downright pig-headed independence have been my modus operandi. 

I never doubted I could, so I did. 

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I was a pretty average student in school, so when a former classmate asked "How did you manage to reach senior exec level in a Fortune 500?", I wasn't surprised. I resisted the temptation to punch the cheeky buggar and instead replied, "I never doubted I could, so I did."


Once I doubted I could, I couldn't.

It's clear to me that my burning desire to make it, coupled with genuine self-confidence and bursting passion, played a massive role in my success. That, and a pig-headed determination to keep going until I made it. I got into my zone and the successes came quickly and often. 


Until, that is, one day. There's always a 'one day' isn't there? Mine came when I was offered my fourth senior executive role. As always, I jumped in with my usual enthusiastic optimism. As with all my previous moves, there was no doubt in my mind that I'd flourish in my new role. But this time I didn't. I floundered and then I flopped. This new company liked its executives to do things in a prescribed way and I struggled in that environment. In just a few months of being there, I found myself sitting across the table from the big boss being given a choice to conform or get out. This was a first for me. My individual style - my own brand of genius - had always stood me in very good stead. When I was advised to 'fit in',  I decided to do - what I thought was - the right thing. I'd just gotten the job so the least I could do was give it my best shot. So I tried to conform. It was the worst decision I could have made. 


Being anyone other than who you are suffocates your genius and passion, and kills your success.


Trying to be someone I wasn't left me feeling awkward and misplaced and I acquired a really bad case of imposter syndrome. I tried to conform and fit in but the harder I tried, the more out of place I felt. Imposter syndrome got the better of me and all sorts of crazy-ass thoughts filled my head. Somehow I decided that everyone else in the executive suite was smarter than me, that my previous successes (yup, all of them!) were a fluke, and that finally, my limitations had caught up with me. I felt exposed and vulnerable and I withdrew and hid. My confidence upped and left and my passion and performance went right along with it. Though I pushed harder, I became less and less effective. I went from a strong, assertive, high performer to an indecisive, insecure, ineffective wreck. My mind shut down, my body followed, and I collapsed one day in a massive burnout. 


Being yourself is a conscious choice.  

I got really sick. The mind-body connection is incredibly powerful and I bore witness to that for over a year. I spiraled out of control and went on a six-month binge of Netflix, Cadbury's mini-eggs, and a healthy dose of self-pity. I lost any sense of who I was. I couldn't focus, I blamed my circumstances for being unable to move forward, I moaned about everyone and everything, and I took no responsibility for my state of affairs. I complained long and often, and I adopted the victim role and gave an oscar-worthy performance. 

Thankfully, I started to get on my own nerves. I grew tired of listening to the constant complaining and the "Poor me" dialogue that played on repeat in my head. Enough was enough. I had a choice: I could accept the self-imposed victim status, or I could get the heck out of my own way, get back on my feet, and get on with my life. I chose the latter. The first step was to acknowledge that my demise had been by my own hand. Yes the company wasn't a great fit for me, but I had chosen to surrender my identity and individuality. That choice was entirely mine. 

You do you.

Accepting culpability was tough. I didn't enjoy the fear that twisted my gut when I acknowledged that the way back to success was to get back to doing what had made me successful in the first place. I just had to be myself. But that turned out to be harder than it sounds. Giving up my identity had killed my faith and self-confidence. I hesitated, procrastinated, and tried to hide rather than make any kind of real progress. Not trusting myself, I tried to mimic others. I took tools and strategies that others had used to propel their success, but I could never replicate it for myself. I was floundering, growing increasingly frustrated and less confident by the day. I was on a roller-coaster of huge optimism and crashing defeat, often in the space of a few hours. I was getting desperate. I had to find my rhythm and flow. I had to understand what had been at the root of my previously unshakable confidence and consistent success, so I went deep inside my head and poked around in there. When I thought I had answers I started to experiment. Though I was terrified of screwing up, I just went back to being myself and doing what worked for me. Six weeks later, despite the odds being heavily stacked against me, I was back in the executive suite.

At that same time, I started my first coaching practice.  I worked with executives going through burnout and I guided them back to success; not with exercise and good food (though both are important!), but with a focus on mindset and confidence. And it worked. The secret to success is already inside every one of us: We just have to find the courage and conviction to let it out. 

Which brings me to today.

I know how much 'noise' there is out there. I see brilliant, passionate, entrepreneurial women struggle to build and grow their businesses.. They try any number of tricks, tools, and strategies. I see them attend multiple webinars and seminars, download ebook after ebook, pay large sums of money for yet another "Do this and you'll be an overnight success" program, and many fall into the trap of gaining knowledge but never putting it to work. I too did all of that. But it's only once you tap into what's already inside you that your business really takes off. When you uncover your personal brand of genius, when you tap into what works for you, you become a powerful, pasionate leader and influencer, and your success is inevitable. No more 'throwing mud at the wall'! You do what works for you.

I see too many brilliant, passionate women doubt themselves, stay hidden, and keep themselves small.  I see them hold back and lose their way as they compare themselves with others, try to change to what they think they should be, and force their success. I see them grow more and more frustrated, overwhelmed, insecure, and inconsistent as they try to find the 'magic bullet'.  The only way to succeed - really succeed - is to do you. Find your own personal brand of genius and use it to grow your business. When you do, you feel confident, unstoppable, and fully committed to your goals. You won't stop until you make it. And that's what generates success.  

I work with entrepreneurial women whose businesses are built from their experiences, purpose, and passion. I teach them how to uncover and use their personal genius to build unshakeable confidence and achieve massive success.

Find your personal brand of genius, and success flows. It feels easy. You feel better. And you do better.

Everything you need to succeed is already inside you. 

Let it out!

Give me 90 minutes of your time to uncover your genius, find what works for you, and build unshakable confidence to drive your business. 


In case you're curious, here are my credentials:

  • MBA, University of Leicester, UK

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner

  • Shito Ryu Karate Sensei  

  • Martial Arts Therapist

  • Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner