Positivity gets results. 


With more than 13 years of Fortune 500 executive leadership and over two decades in the corporate world, I understand well what it takes to lead teams and organizations to consistent success.


Positive leadership increases your influence, impact and resilience, attracts and retains the best people in your industry, builds unwavering customer/client loyalty, gains the trust of stakeholders, partners, and/or investors, and creates an environment for rapid, consistent success. 

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A bit about what I do

Call me an eternal optimist, but I'd really like to go to a dinner party and meet people who love what they do. When I ask people about their work, more often than not, their faces contort the same way they do when they step in something unpleasant. And though they might say the right things, their faces give them away. When I scratch the surface and dig around to find out what they really think and feel, their answers often leave me wondering how they get through the day, and how their organizations succeed!

Think about it: If you're engaged, passionate, and enthusiastic, you behave in an engaged, passionate, and enthusiastic way. You become a magnet. People want to be around you because it makes them feel good. And when you feel good, you have massive impact and influence and perform at a much higher level than when you don't. So it goes without saying that engaged, passionate, enthusiastic employees impact, influence, and produce more, more consistently, than detached, disengaged, frustrated employees. Plus, it makes them more interesting to talk to at dinner parties. 

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking this all sounds rather 'Kumbaya round the campfire' and 'let's all hold hands and wear the same T-shirt' aren't you? You'd be wrong. This is science. There is a plethora of data supporting the relationship between positive leadership and culture and impact, influence, and consistent performance. Not just 'average' performance: extraordinary performance. 

As an organizational culture consultant and executive coach, I coach and teach leaders and organizations how to increase their impact and influence, achieve extraordinary results using the power of positivity, and build cultures that create fierce loyalty, energy, evangelism, and success. 

A bit about me

Throughout my Fortune 500 executive career, I enjoyed many successes. I was promoted frequently (at one point, every year for four years), I built and grew multiple multi-million dollar businesses, and I led some of the best teams in the business. And I did it by throwing myself at every challenge with massive energy and passion, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what others believed possible. I always led with belief, passion, enthusiasm, positivity, and massive energy. It was contagious and I loved it. 

In my two-plus decades of corporate leadership, there was only one occasion where I hit a wall. But it was a wall I'm grateful to have hit because it allowed me to see the 'other side of the coin'. Having only experienced engaging, energetic leaders and fantastic organizational cultures, I was plunged into - what I referred to as - the 'depths of hell'.  'Toxic' doesn't even come close to describing the leadership and culture. I had a ringside seat and witnessed the devastation cultural toxicity and unchecked control and command leadership can cause. I watched customers flee to the competition along with many talented employees. It was one of those classic cases of learning a few valuable lessons 'the hard way'. 


This experience was my tipping point. I'd long been fascinated with leadership and organizational culture, and I'd focused my MBA thesis on that very subject. That, combined with my leadership experience, brought me to today. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to get people to work hard and deliver results. To gain a deeper understanding I studied positive leadership, and I dug into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and learned the theory behind how people think, feel, and behave. I became certified in both disciplines and became a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

I shared my experiences and thoughts through writing and speaking and people responded. This led me to coaching people through their professional demons, and my early coaching days were spent working with executives and professionals going through severe stress and burnout. With deep coaching, counter-intuitive action, positivity, and energy, I helped them back to highly successful lives in weeks, rather than the months or years it usually takes to bounce back from burnout. And then I had an epiphany. I realized I was working at the wrong end of the problem. Whilst helping people out of burnout was important, I knew burnout was preventable. I knew people didn't have to sacrifice themselves for their work. I knew that results aren't delivered by unhappy, frustrated, burned-out leaders. And I knew that positive leadership and culture are the cornerstones of success. So, I started work at the other end of the situation.

And that's how I arrived here. 


As an organizational culture consultant and executive coach, I coach and teach leaders how to achieve extraordinary success by creating infectiously positive environments where people want to, love to, and are able to work. I coach and teach positive leadership, impact, and influence. And I help organizations build cultures that create fierce loyalty, energy, evangelism, and success. 

A bit about my career

I began life as a Nurse Practitioner in the Cardiac ICU, before moving into the business of healthcare. 

During a Fortune 500 career that spanned two decades, two continents, and several countries, I built and grew multiple multi-million dollar businesses, and led several joint ventures, restructures, and mergers. I enjoyed many successful promotions and made it to the executive suite where I enjoyed over thirteen years of highly successful executive commercial leadership. Working through the ranks from Sales Representative to Commercial VP to General Manager, and now business owner, I know what it takes to succeed at all levels, build extraordinary teams, and create cultures where people can, and want to work. 

I began my career in the United Kingdom and spent time living and working in Central Europe, Northern Ireland, and then North America, where I settled and made my home. I live with my French-Canadian husband, bilingual son, and unilingual dog. 

Whilst I'm still a true Brit at heart, I can devour a Thanksgiving turkey, maple taffy, and poutine with the best of them!

The official bit

I have an MBA from the University of Leicester, where I studied General Management and pursued an academic specialization in organizational behaviour and leadership. I conducted primary research and wrote my thesis on "Corporate Culture and its Effect on Long-Term Economic Performance." For the record, I'm with Peter Drucker on this one: Culture does indeed eat strategy for breakfast.

I am a Certified Organizational Culture Consultant, Professional Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and a Certified CBT Practitioner.  I also hold a post-graduate certificate in adult education.

I am an MBA mentor for final year MBA students, and an active, long-standing member of the Faculty of Business Advisory Panel at a local business school.

Throughout my corporate career, I trained extensively in sales, sales negotiations, communications techniques, leadership, and coaching.

Lastly, I am fully media trained and have extensive experience in engaging, inspiring, and motivating audiences on camera, radio, and on stage. 

When I'm not working, I practice and teach karate regularly: I hold two black belts in Shito Ryu Karate, and I am a Martial Arts Therapist.