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Rapid Impact. Rapid Results.

With over twenty years at the helm in the pharmaceutical industry, leading and nurturing teams of MDs, PhDs, PharmDs, and MScs, my journey has been challenging, enlightening and immensley rewarding.


As a former commercial vice president and general manager, I've had the unique opportunity to witness the remarkable potential of some highly intellectually gifted professionals first-hand, often bringing their groundbreaking work to market.

However, a crucial observation emerged during my tenure: Despite their exceptional intellectual prowess, many of these talented individuals encountered significant challenges when transitioning into leadership roles. They struggled to assert their presence, influence collective action, and drive effective execution and results.

I noticed a pattern – the longer it took for them to assert their leadership, the more complex their path to influence became, often resulting in early missteps that required considerable time and investment to rectify.

And that's when the penny dropped. 

Accelerate the Journey

I believe in a simple yet powerful formula: Momentum shapes confidence, confidence shapes influence, and influence determines impact and results.

Recognizing this, I made it a mission to accelerate the leadership journey of the brilliant minds I'd promoted and hired. The goal? To enable new and promoted leaders to make a swift, positive impact, unlocking greater success and delivering superior results.

And that's how I arrived here: Transforming scientists and subject-matter experts into high-impact leaders, rapidly and effectively. 

A Bit About What I Do

At the core of my work is a singular focus: To elevate scientist and SME leaders from being merely competent to truly exceptional; fast.

Traditional leadership development programs often fall short for these unique groups. They require a more nuanced, tailored approach to unlock their full potential.

My methodology is proactive, intentional, and outcomes-oriented. Instead of waiting for problems to arise and then scrambling to fix them – a process that can be costly, time-consuming, and disruptive – I work on setting a solid foundation for success right from the start.

In collaboration with individuals, teams, and organizations across various sectors including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, government, and healthcare, I have crafted specialized strategies that resonate with the unique challenges and strengths of these professionals.


My client portfolio includes esteemed organizations such as Telus Health, Health Canada, McKesson, Bausch Health, and Measurement Canada.

By partnering with me, you're choosing a path of tailored, proactive leadership development that builds sustainable success and drives remarkable results.

A Bit About Me

My professional journey began in the heart of healthcare; as a Nurse Practitioner in the Cardiac ICU. This foundational experience paved the way for my transition into the pharmaceutical industry, where I embraced the business facets of healthcare.

Spanning over two decades, my career in the Fortune 500 arena has been diverse and global.


I've navigated various roles across two continents, multiple countries, and a range of therapeutic areas. My executive tenure, totaling almost thirteen years, involved leading and collaborating with teams of discovery, research, regulatory, medical, and clinical scientists, as well as seasoned business professionals. Together, we not only navigated complex challenges but also successfully built and expanded multi-million dollar businesses and blockbuster products. My leadership journey was enriched by steering through an array of joint ventures, restructures, and mergers.

Transitioning from a successful leadership career, I now channel my expertise into executive coaching, mentoring, and consulting. My focus is on individuals and teams within organizations that have a scientific orientation.

My career has taken me from the United Kingdom to the heart of Europe, and from the vibrant landscapes of Northern Ireland to North America, which I now call home. 

The Official Bit

My academic background is anchored in a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and leadership, with an MBA from the University of Leicester. My focus during this time was on General Management, with a keen academic interest in organizational behaviour and leadership which culminated in my thesis on 'Corporate Culture and its Effect on Long-Term Economic Performance'. It was through this research that  I explored the powerful truth in Peter Drucker's famous assertion: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

As a professional, I am committed to continuous development and have acquired a range of certifications to enhance my expertise. I am an ICF credentialed coach, a certified Organizational Culture Consultant, and a Certified Professional Coach. My skills are further enriched by my practice as an NLP & CBT Practitioner, and as a Certified EQi and EQ360 Coach. My post-graduate studies include certificates in adult education, executive presence and influence from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, and management and executive coaching from the University of Cape Town.

In addition to my professional practice I serve as an MBA mentor at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Business and contribute as an active member of the Faculty of Business Advisory Panel at a local business school.

My corporate career has been marked by extensive training in leadership and management, complemented by full media training. This background has equipped me with the skills to engage, inspire, and motivate audiences across various platforms, including camera appearances, podcast interviews, and live presentations on stage.

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