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Your success as a leader is determined by your ability to use critical insight to influence people to take action that positively impacts their success, and that of your organization.




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A bit about what I do

A bit about what I do. 


At its core, leadership is about influence. If you have no influence, you're not a leader (despite what your title might suggest).


It is a leader's job to influence those things that positively impact their success, and the success of their team and organization. 

It's a leader's role to influence decisions, strategy, behaviour, culture, values, investment, resourcing, and priorities. Simply put, it's a leader's role to influence the people who report to them, the people they report to, their colleagues, their clients and customers, and their investors and stakeholders. Only once people master the art of influence do they become real leaders. 

Here's the good news: Leaders aren't born; They're created. Leadership can be learned. And I teach it. 

I prepare people for promotion into leadership positions, and I develop existing leaders to deepen and broaden their influence and impact.


I teach executive leaders how to create vibrant, healthy, strategically aligned cultures that breed fierce loyalty, dynamic energy, and consistently positive results. 

I teach people the art of powerful, effective, successful leadership.

Learn more about my about my programs for Leadership Preparation and Development, Executive Effectiveness, and Organizational Culture.

A bit about me

Throughout my Fortune 500 executive career, I enjoyed many successes. I was promoted frequently (at one point, every year for four years), I built and grew multiple multi-million dollar businesses, and I led some of the best teams in the business. It was my focus on three things that built consistent success for me, my teams, and the organizations I worked with. Those three things are insight, influence, and impact. 

In my two-plus decades of corporate leadership, I lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic, I experienced different organizational cultures, and many different leaders. Some were good, most were great, and there was the occasional 'could do better'. I learned from every leader I worked with - great and not so great - and I learned the critical art of intentionally building an organization's culture. 

Leadership and organizational culture theory and practice have long fascinated me. I focused my MBA on leadership and organizational behaviour, and I wrote my thesis on organizational culture and its effect on long-term economic performance. I'm with Peter Drucker on this one: Culture really does eat strategy for breakfast.


I dug deep into the practice of leadership and studied positive leadership and emotional intelligence, executive presence and influence, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and executive coaching. I became certified in all disciplines, and later certified as an organizational culture consultant.

And that's how I arrived here. 


I work with individual leaders and teams, and organizations, to help them master the art and power of positive, successful leadership through insight, influence, and impact. 

A bit about my career

I began life as a Nurse Practitioner in the Cardiac ICU, before moving into the business of healthcare. 

During a Fortune 500 career that spanned two decades, two continents, and several countries, I built and grew multiple multi-million dollar businesses, and led several joint ventures, restructures, and mergers. I enjoyed many successful promotions and made it to the executive suite where I enjoyed over twelve years of highly successful executive commercial leadership. Working through the ranks from Sales Representative to Commercial VP to General Manager, and now business owner, I know what it takes to succeed at all levels, build extraordinary teams, and create cultures where people can, and want to work. 

I began my career in the United Kingdom and spent time living and working in Central Europe, Northern Ireland, and then North America, where I settled and made my home. I live with my French-Canadian husband, bilingual son, and unilingual dog. 

Whilst I'm still a true Brit at heart, I can devour a Thanksgiving turkey, maple taffy, and poutine with the best of them!

The official bit

I hold an MBA from the University of Leicester, where I studied General Management and pursued an academic specialization in organizational behaviour and leadership. I conducted primary research and wrote my thesis on "Corporate Culture and its Effect on Long-Term Economic Performance." 

I am a Certified Organizational Culture Consultant, Professional Certified Coach, NLP & CBT Practitioner, Certified EQi and EQ360 Coach, and I hold post-graduate certificates in adult education and executive presence and influence.

I am an MBA mentor for final-year MBA students, and an active, long-standing member of the Faculty of Business Advisory Panel at a local business school.

Throughout my corporate career, I trained extensively in sales, sales negotiations, communications techniques, leadership, and coaching.

Lastly, I am fully media trained and have extensive experience in engaging, inspiring, and motivating audiences on camera, radio, and on stage. 

When I'm not working I spend hours in my kitchen playing around with food and creating meals my family, thankfully, love to eat. But life is about balance, so to stay fit and strong - and to allow me eat just about whatever I want - I practice karate regularly: I hold a second dan black belt in Shito Ryu Karate, and I am a Martial Arts Therapist.

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