Today's leaders must be soft-skill geniuses. 


Gone are the days of command and control (thankfully). 

Today's leaders are emotionally savvy, humane, and confidently vulnerable. 

Call them 'soft skills' if you must, but there is nothing 'soft' about them. 


It takes effort to influence rather than instruct, and to treat people as individuals in preference to institutionalizing them.  It takes courage to be humane and confidence to be vulnerable. 


To be a great leader, to achieve more, you must be a soft-skill genius. 

My job is to teach you how. 

A bit about me.

I'm driven to change the way people lead and, in turn, to make organizations sustainable, thriving places where people want to work. 

When people are engaged, when they love where they work, when they're proud of what they do, it translates into consistent results. Customers feel it, competitors are in awe of it, and organizations build, grow, and thrive simply by treating people well. It's not complicated, but nor is it easy.

My work teaches leaders, executives, and organizations how to get the best from their most valuable resource: Their people. 

Throughout my Fortune 500 executive career, I enjoyed many successes. I was promoted frequently (at one point, every year for four years), I built and grew multiple multi-million dollar businesses, and I led some of the best teams in the business. And I did it all by trusting my instincts, throwing myself at every challenge with massive energy and passion, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what others believed possible. Most importantly, I always led from a place confident vulnerability and genuine humility. And it worked.

In my two-plus decades of corporate leadership, there was only one occasion where I got it horribly wrong and I learned some tough lessons. First-hand I witnessed the devastation caused by a toxic culture and control and command leadership. I saw the trauma brought about by workplace bullying and intentional instability. I watched as customers fled to the competition, along with many talented employees. It was one of those classic cases of learning a few valuable lessons 'the hard way'. 


This experience was my tipping point. I'd long been fascinated with organizational behaviour and humane leadership, and I'd focused my MBA thesis on that very subject. Seeing the effects of a toxic culture and inhumane leadership first-hand drove me to help executives and leaders see that there more humane, sustainable methods to get the best from people. To dig into the human psyche, I turned to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and learned the theory behind how people think, feel, and behave. I became certified in both disciplines and became a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

I shared my experiences through writing and speaking and many people related to what I had to say. This led me to start coaching people through their professional demons, and my early coaching days were spent working with executives and professionals going through severe stress and burnout. With deep coaching and often counter-intuitive action, I helped them back to highly successful lives in weeks, rather than the months or years it usually takes. As important as this work was, I knew I was working at the wrong end of the problem. Whilst helping people out of burnout was hugely rewarding, I knew burnout was preventable. So, I started to work on creating great leaders and organizations people want to work for. 

And that's how I arrived here. 

My clients are corporate leaders, HR professionals, highly successful experts and influencers, and charity and community leaders, from all corners of the globe. They are high achievers with a clear purpose, bold visions, and big ambitions.


As a coach and mentor, I offer my personal and professional experience, deep insight, and a unique ability to cut through the noise. I say the things other people don't or won't say, and I give you a safe space to be completely and utterly real. I don't placate or settle, and I'm not about to let you play small or excuse your behaviour. I will, however, tell you what you need to hear to unlock what's suffocating your potential, influence, confidence, and success. My commitment is to show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. And I will tell you this: It's not how you got to where you are today. 

As a builder of organizations people want to work for, I teach the secrets of high-impact leadership and organizational culture that transform people, teams, companies, and businesses. I firmly believe that environment plays an important role in determining function, and leaders at every level are the lifeblood in creating a culture where people can thrive and do great work.  I help companies create their culture, align from the top, develop trusted leaders, create massive competitive advantage, and build sustainable businesses. 

A bit about my career

I began life as a Nurse Practitioner in the Cardiac ICU, before moving into the business of healthcare. 

During a Fortune 500 career that spanned two decades, two continents, and several countries, I worked in sales, sales training, sales management, marketing management, market research and business analytics, medical affairs, clinical research, government affairs, and after all that work, I made it to the executive suite where I enjoyed over thirteen years of highly successful executive commercial leadership. Working through the ranks from Sales Representative to Commercial VP to General Manager, and now business owner, I can safely say I understand what it takes to lead and succeed in work and in life. 

I began my career in the United Kingdom and spent time living and working in Central Europe, Northern Ireland, and then North America, where I settled and made my home. I live with my French-Canadian husband, bilingual son, and unilingual dog. 

Whilst I'm still a true Brit at heart, I can devour a Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie with the best of them!

The Official Bit

I have an MBA from the University of Leicester, where I studied General Management, and pursued an academic specialization in organizational behaviour and leadership. I conducted primary research and wrote my thesis on "Corporate Culture and its Effect on Long-Term Economic Performance." For the record, I'm with Peter Drucker on this one: Culture does indeed eat strategy for breakfast.

I hold a post-graduate certificate in adult education, I'm a Certified Professional Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and a Certified CBT Practitioner. I am a certified Usui Reiki practitioner, and I hold a black belt in Shito Ryu Karate. I am also a Martial Arts Therapist and I practice and teach karate regularly.

I am an MBA mentor for final year MBA students, and an active, long-standing member of the Faculty of Business Advisory Panel at a local business school.

Throughout my corporate career, I trained extensively in sales, sales negotiations, communications techniques, leadership, and coaching.

Lastly, I am fully media trained and have extensive experience in engaging and inspiring audiences on camera, radio, and on stage. 

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