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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

My executive coaching is meticulously designed to ensure every individual and team I work with gains the proficiciency to self-coach, lead with solid presence and influence, and effectively guide others to achieve concrete results and sustained success.

Your coaching journey begins with an in-depth exploration of your distinct challenges and aspirations. Based on this, we craft a bespoke coaching strategy, aimed at delivering your desired outcomes in the most efficient way possible.

To tailor my approach, I may propose a blend of methods, including self-assessment, direct observation, comprehensive 360 assessments, and insightful interviews with colleagues, ensuring a rich foundation of information for focused and effective coaching.

Sessions are carefully planned to blend into your professional routine, typically lasting between 45 to 60 minutes and conducted virtually for your convenience.

I serve clients from up-and-coming to seasoned leaders in the scientific, subject-matter expert, healthcare, and data-driven sectors, across both the private and public sectors.

Individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills and those sponsored by their organisations are equally welcome. 

360 Assessment

360 Assessment

Experience a swift, data-driven revelation of your leadership impact with 360 assessment, specifically vital for scientists and SME leaders.


This tool contrasts how you perceive others experience you against their actual experience, offering a critical insight into your leadership style.

Gain immediate self-awareness with both quantitative and qualitative feedback, pinpointing your leadership strengths and areas for growth.

The 360 assessment package includes:

  • An EQ360 evaluation, encompassing feedback from various perspectives, including self, manager, direct reports, peers, and others.

  • In-depth qualitative interviews, with each respondent participating in a 30-minute session.

  • A comprehensive report providing detailed insights and an individualised action plan.

  • Three focused 60-minute meetings to facilitate the assessment: Focus, initial evaluation, and follow-up evaluation.

Embark on a quick and proven journey to enhance your self-awareness and uncover the full spectrum of your leadership capabilities: Strengths, potential, and vulnerabilities.

The EQi assessment package offers:

  • A comprehensive EQ self-assessment to gauge your emotional intelligence.

  • A detailed report outlining your results, coupled with a tailored action plan.

  • A structured series of three 60-minute meetings, including setup, initial evaluation, and a follow-up assessment, to ensure a thorough understanding and effective application of the insights gained.

EQi Assessment

EQi Assessent
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