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Most people believe:

  • High achievers believe that what got them to this point will get them to their ultimate goal. 

  • Great leaders are tough and unemotional. 

  • Leadership means having the right answers.​

  • Great leaders conform, fit in, and tow the line. 

  • Strong leadership is transactional.

But the truth is:

  • The skills, smarts, and talent that got you here will not get you there. 


  • Great leaders are human, raw, and vulnerable.

  • Leadership means asking the right questions. 

  • Great leaders have the courage to go left when everyone else is going right. 

  • Great leadership is transformational.

I'm on a mission to change the way people lead and make organizations great places to work. 

I work with high-achieving leaders, their teams, and their organizations and teach them how to become extraordinary. I don't teach people how to lead: I teach them how to become great leaders. 

Great leaders connect with people on a deep, emotional level and inspire those around them to do extraordinary things. They find that spark that lies deep within all of us and they turn it into a raging fire. 

Great leadership gives you the power to change everything for the better. 

I show you how.

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"Never under-estimate the power of a coach of Tina's caliber."

                                                                                               James P, VP, Chicago USA.

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