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"I recommend Tina as an executive coach to anyone who wants to adapt and improve their leadership and have a positive and lasting impact on their team, colleagues, and company."

Dr Maxime Barakat, VP Medical & Clinical Affairs

Scientist, specialist, or expert: To lead, be human first. 

 Leadership in science-based organizations comes with  unique challenges and nuances.

The messy and somewhat illogical business of influencing and leading people can be more challenging for those who find comfort in analysis, facts, data, and logic. 

I work with new and seasoned data-driven, science-based leaders and I teach them how to become confident, effective people people. 

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Executive Coaching

Succeed in leadership at every level with personalised executive coaching. 

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Organizational Culture

Create the conditions for consistently high performance and long-term success. 

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Retreats & Workshops

Transform high potential into high performance and long-term success.