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I've worked with scientists my entire professional life. 

Now, I teach them how to lead.  

The skills essential for success in leadership are different to those essential for success in science. 

Leaders aren't born; They're created. Like science, leadership can be learned. And I teach it. 

I work with scientists and leaders in science-based organizations and I teach them how to be as savvy, confident, and influential as leaders as they are subject-matter experts.


Emerging Leaders

I work with emerging leaders and rapidly accelerate their leadership confidence and effectiveness by tuning them into their intuition, instinct, and emotions. I coach, mentor, and teach them how to build trust, create influence, and establish the leadership competence, confidence, and presence essential to drive performance and deliver early and consistent results. 

Established Leaders

The demands of leadership inevitably unearth some unhelpful behaviours at some point in a scientist-leaders' career. It could be at the outset, or it could be in their first executive leadership role. Whenever it happens, I work with experienced leaders to reground their leadership in behaviour that brings about rapid, palpable, positive change. These behaviour shifts generate deep and broad influence, enhance reputations and careers, and drive individual and organizational performance.  


The Complete Leader

A 6-month intensive program that rapidly transforms scientists & SMEs into confident, influential, and trusted leaders.


Accelerates & embeds leadership behaviours that drive individual and organizational culture & results.

Executive Coaching

Outcomes-based coaching that rapidly establishes leadership presence and confidence, and increases immediate and long-term influence and impact.   


Leadership workshops created specifically for scientific, knowledge-based and data-driven audiences and organizations.

Half-day to multiple day programs offered virtually and in-person. 

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