Private Coaching

Positivity Fuels Success

Organizational Culture 

You can have the best products, the most compelling purpose, and the most ambitious vision, but if your organization or team culture lacks positivity, your results will too. 

Culture is powerful. 

To get the results you want, retain and attract the best talent in your industry, create an environment that breeds excitement, energy, drive, determination and resilience, build an infectiously positive culture.

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Executive Coaching

As a leader, you have massive influence. 

You affect the lives of the people you work with, your clients and customers, the results of your organization, investor relations, the public, your suppliers, and the communities you serve. Your influence is broad and deep. 

Using evidence-based theory and pragmatic, down-to-earth application, I work with leaders and influencers and coach them to lead positively and to have massive positive influence and impact.  

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"I recommend Tina as an executive coach to anyone who wants to adapt and improve his/her leadership and have a positive and lasting impact on his/her team, colleagues, and company."

Dr Maxime Barakat, VP Medical & Clinical Affairs

Positive Leadership. Positive Culture. Positive Results.