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What Do Leaders Need To Be Highly Effective, Successful People & Organizational Leaders?

Three Things: Insight, Influence & Impact.

All three are essential. 

They are like the legs of a stool and if one is missing or off-kilter, leaders falter, culture crumbles, and performance is compromised. 

Armed with Insight, leaders confidently and successfully influence people at all levels and positively impact their team, organizational performance, and their own success.  

Organizations with insight intentionally create visionary cultures where people not only want to work, but love to work. 

Hi, I'm Tina.

I've spent my career leading people, developing organizations, and delivering consistent results. 

For more than 12 years, I was a Fortune 500 senior executive leader, and now I teach leaders and organizations the art and power of Insight, Influence, and Impact. 

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At it's core, leadership is about influence. Without influence, it's impossible to lead. 

Insight-driven leaders can have an enormously positive influence on people and organizational results.


They create cultures where people love and want to work, they deliver consistently positive performance, and they outperform what most consider achievable. 

I experienced this first-hand during my 23 years in Fortune 500s, and more than 12 years in executive leadership positions. 

Organizations thrive when people want to work; when they feel engaged, inspired and excited about what they do. And when they feel an emotional connection to their work. 

During my time in the corporate world, I witnessed the consequences of misguided or misled leadership, and the effect on creating a stagnant, unhealthy, or strategically misaligned culture. 

In those same 23 years, I witnessed how insight-driven leadership creates a living, thriving environment where people want to be. 

I teach leaders how to lead with insight, influence powerfully, and impact positively.

Learn more about my programs for Leadership Preparation and Development, Executive Effectiveness, and Organizational Culture.

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