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Hi I'm Tina Cantrill.

Fortune 500 executive turned Mindset Maven.


I teach determined women how to unleash their genius, get out of their own way, and achieve bigger than they ever thought possible. 

 You have all you need to succeed.

Let's unleash it. 

Give me 90 minutes of your time and I'll take you from fear, doubt, and overwhelm 

to courage, confidence, and big, bold action!

You're a determined woman who wants to make a living

doing work that sets you alight.

You have a burning desire to build and grow your business. 


You know where you want to go. You have a vision of how your life will be. 

Your mind is made up: You're doing this!

But you're just not sure you're going to get there. 

All too often, nagging doubts and confidence-killing thoughts fill your head and leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. 

I see you! I know what chaos goes on between your ears. 

If you're ready to get out of your own way, unleash your genius, and transform your business and your life, I'm going to help you.