The High-Climber's Blueprint

Build unshakable confidence, perform consistently, and drive your professional success.

Elsa B.

"I felt as though a 50-ton weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I just felt so much better."

You expected hard work and challenges on your way to the top. You prepared yourself for the journey and you attacked it with energy and determination. But now you feel stressed more often than you feel excited. Rather than feeling natural and fun, your work feels like a constant uphill push.

You're exhausted and deflated.

You're concerned about the 'areas for development' raised in your last performance review and you spend time and money trying to improve, worrying if you'll ever actually get there. You feel you're at risk of losing yourself so that you can 'fit the mold', and you feel torn between being you, and worrying about how you're perceived when you are. And it's sucking the life out of your confidence and energy. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You spend time trying to figure out what your direct reports, colleagues, and/or your boss think of you.

  • You feel drained and defeated when you're challenged or criticized, and 'boosted' and energized when you're praised.

  • You tell yourself you should be more confident and assertive.

  • You believe your colleagues are smarter and/or more confident than you.

  • You find yourself agreeing with things you don't agree with in order to fit the mold, and you're concerned you're becoming a people-pleaser.

You want:

  • To grow your career and feel genuinely good doing it.

  • To stand out from the crowd without having to become a braggart or people-pleaser.

  • To feel so grounded, energized, and confident that other people's opinions have no effect on how you feel and perform.

  • To feel confident, clear, and determined, even when things don't go quite as planned.

You're ready to climb.

And I'm here to help you.

I'm Tina and I work with entrepreneurial and professional women who are determined to achieve very big things. I teach them how to uncover and use their personal genius to build unshakable confidence and drive massive success in their businesses and careers. 

You already have everything you need to succeed. It's inside you.

I help you let it out.

The High-Climber's Blueprint

After completing ‘The High-Climber's Blueprint' you will:

  • Know exactly how to use what you already have to excel, stand out, and grow your career.

  • Know how to use your 'weaknesses' or 'areas for development' to propel you to success.

  • Learn how to remain confident, composed, and unaffected by challenge, criticism, and other people's opinions.

The High-Climber's Blueprint includes:

The Genius Assessment

This assessment will help us to get crystal clear on the strengths, experiences, and traits that feed your personal brand of genius. We'll also get clear on your perceived weaknesses and areas for development. By completing this assessment, we can dive in immediately. 

The Genius Mindset Session

We spend ninety minutes, one on one, digging deep into your personal genius. You'll emerge knowing exactly what your personal genius is, how to use it to stand out from the crowd, and how to use it to leverage your perceived weaknesses. You'll also learn my fast and effective 4-step process that puts your confidence on steroids, inspires bold action, and makes you immune to other people's opinions and criticisms. You'll leave the session feeling clear and rock-solid confident.

The Genius Blueprint

You receive your 'Personal Genius Blueprint' report that details your own personal brand of genius and how to use it grow your career and propel your success.

The only way to the top is to be yourself. 

Let’s get to work!

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  3. We’ll meet for our one on one session so that you can get confident and get going! Shortly after our session, I'll send along my Genius Blueprint.

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