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Your Genius Unleashed

 Unleash your genius, find the tools that work for you, and build your success!

Suzanne Bailey

"I got further in 90 minutes with Tina than I have in the last year on my own!

I don't think I've ever met anyone before who can compassionately kick your butt!"

There are mornings when you wake up feeling excited and optimistic about what you're going to achieve. You run to your desk, itching to get to work. You open your computer, place your fingers on the keys and then doubt, confusion, and overwhelm grip your insides. Your mind races as you anticipate another day chasing your tail and getting nowhere. Your stomach ties in knots and you slump back in your chair as you feel the energy drain from your body. In an instant, you go from feeling confident and determined to feeling as though the wind was sucked out of your sails.

You feel discouraged and defeated.

You're starting to wonder if you really can do this. You've tried so many courses, webinars, seminars, and free downloads but you never seem to get the same results as others. You've used the tools that other successful people use but they never seem to work for you. You wonder what they know that you don't. You trawl Facebook for answers but end up wasting two hours, and more of your [already fragile] resilience. You're struggling to make real progress. You're confused and frustrated. You're on an emotional rollercoaster of feeling excited and optimistic one second and at the point of giving in the next.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You're afraid of things not working out as planned so you hold back rather than really going for it?

  • When your latest idea doesn't work out as planned, you sign up for another course, attend another webinar or seminar, or even get more education believing you'll feel more confident, but then find your excitement and enthusiasm is short-lived and you end up feeling worse?

  • You find it hard to 'stick with it' and you change your mind, ideas, and approach often?

  • You feel everyone is further ahead/smarter/younger/more experienced/wiser/better educated/more successful than you? 

  • You're afraid to tell too many people about your business because you fear being told you're crazy or that you should get a 'proper job' (and what will you say if you fail?)?

You wonder how much longer you can do this.

Just for a second, imagine your work feeling easy. It flows, you're in your 'zone' and you feel confident and strong. You know what works for you and you have unshakable faith in your abilities and goals. You take big, bold action without hesitation, and you stay the course: Nothing derails you. You have tons of energy and you're completely committed to your success.


Imagine reaching your business, financial, and lifestyle milestones. Feel that glass of champagne in your hand, and that feeling that makes you want to scream "I DID IT!!!!" at complete strangers!

You cracked the code!


Can you feel that excitement in your belly? Can you feel the spring in your step and the confidence in your whole body? Can you see yourself proudly sharing your story?

You CAN do this! And I can help you.

I'm Tina and I work with entrepreneurial and professional women who are determined to achieve very big things. I teach them how to uncover and use their personal genius to build unshakable confidence and drive massive success in their businesses and careers. 

You already have everything you need to succeed. It's inside you.

I help you let it out.

Your Genius Unleashed 

After completing ‘Your Genius Unleashed' you will:

  • Know exactly your own personal brand of genius (this is your business!).

  • Know the tools and strategies that work for you (and the ones that won't!).

  • Leave the session clear, confident, excited, and ready to take big, bold action immediately!

Your Genius Unleashed  includes:

The Genius Assessment

This assessment will help us to get crystal clear on what factors contribute to your personal brand of genius. By completing this assessment, we can get really specific really quickly.

The Genius Mindset Session

We spend ninety minutes, one on one, digging deep into your personal genius. You'll emerge knowing exactly what your personal genius is, and how to build or scale your business around it. You'll also learn my fast and effective 4-step process that puts your confidence on steroids, inspires bold action, and keeps you focused and staying the course. You'll leave the session ready to hit the ground running!

The Genius Blueprint

You receive your 'Personal Genius Blueprint' report that details your own personal brand of genius, how to use it, and the tools that will and will not work for you. 

It's time to stop holding yourself back and step into your own personal genius!

You're just one click away.

Investment: $157

How to get started

  1. Make your payment by clicking on the button below.

  2.  Within a few minutes, you’ll receive an email from me with the Genius Assessment, and a link to book your one on one session.

  3. We’ll meet for our one on one session so that you can get clear, get confident, and get going! Shortly after our session, I'll send along your Personal Genius Blueprint'.

Questions? Email me directly at: tina@tinacantrill.com