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You're ready to get out of your own way, unleash your genius, and transform your business and your life.

Suzanne Bailey

"Tina has a way of asking the right questions that led me to see things in a completely different way. I had a few "WTF?" moments! I got further in 90 minutes with Tina than I have in the last year on my own!

There are mornings when you wake up feeling excited and optimistic convinced that today, you're going to make real progress. You run to your desk, itching to get to work. You open your computer, place your fingers on the keys and then.... overwhelm and confusion. Your mind races and you feel like crying as you anticipate another day of chasing your tail and getting nowhere. Your stomach ties in knots and you slump back in your chair as you feel the energy drain from your body. In an instant, you go from feeling confident and determined to feeling defeated and full of doubt.

You feel discouraged and disillusioned.

You're starting to wonder if you really can do this. You tell yourself you should be more positive and you remind yourself you'll feel better once you've had a few more successes. So, looking for inspiration and encouragement you head back to Facebook. Within a few minutes, your heart sinks as you see all the sponsored ads of people enjoying huge success using the strategies, and "do this and you'll nail it" tools that you've tried more than a few times. You wonder what they have that you don't. You feel wiped out so you take a break to do laundry or grab a snack and watch Netflix. You look at the clock and feel your heart sink as another day passes by without any progress.

You wonder how much longer you can do this.

You're want to make this work. You wish you could get off the emotional roller-coaster of feeling determined and strong one minute and the next, feeling as though this is never going to work no matter how hard you try. But you're determined to stay with it. You've come too far to give up now. 

You want to end the struggle, feel better, and start succeeding!

Just for a second, imagine the feelings of excitement as your business picks up speed. You feel confident and strong and you take big strides and make real progress every-single-day. Imagine reaching the business, financial, and lifestyle goals you set for yourself. Feel that glass of champagne in your hand, and that feeling in your chest that makes you want to scream from the root-tops about how much you love your work!

You're a success!


You have tons of energy and you're persistent and strong. You're so relieved that you kept at it. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, grateful you didn’t give up. You’re proud of yourself. You're doing this!

It feels amazing!

Can you feel that excitement in your belly? Can you feel the spring in your step and the confidence in your whole body? Can you see yourself proudly y telling people what you do because you’re nailing it!

You CAN do this!

I'm Tina, and I work with determined women who want out of the rat-race to build and grow their business, their impact, their independence, and their freedom. I take them from self-doubt and 'half-assing' it, to courage, confidence, and nailing it.

You already have everything you need to succeed. It's inside you.

I help you let it out.

Self-Doubt  2 Self-Made 

After completing ‘Self-Doubt 2 Self-Made' you will:

  • Pinpoint precisely which thoughts and beliefs are holding you back, killing your confidence, and causing you to stall, re-start, and run in circles. 

  • Learn to manifest and create the business and life you want. 

  • Learn my simple, fast, and effective 3-step process to overcome doubts and insecurities quickly, boost your confidence, and move you to action and success.

  • Leave the session raring to go!

Self-doubt 2 Self-Made  includes:

Self-doubt 2 Self-made Assessment

This assessment will help us to get crystal clear on what thoughts and beliefs are causing you to doubt yourself and get in the way of your success. By completing this assessment, we can dive in and overcome your biggest doubts and insecurities straight away.

The Self-made Mindset Session

We spend ninety minutes, one on one, transforming your thoughts from confidence-killing and success-blocking, to confidence-boosting and success-driving! Using my 3-step process, we dive deep into your thoughts, beliefs, doubts, and insecurities and we create your success mindset and energy so that you're ready to hit the ground running as soon as we finish our session (if not before!).

The Self-made Mindset Blueprint

You receive my Self-doubt 2 Self-Made 3-step process to keep with you. Any time you have a confidence 'wobble' (and we all do!) follow the steps in the blueprint to go from stuck to success in minutes! 

It's time to stop holding yourself back!

Let’s do it!

You're just one click away.

Investment: $157

How to get started

Step 1: Make your payment below

Step 2: Within a few minutes, you’ll receive an email from me with the Self-doubt 2 Self-made Assessment, and a link to book your one on one session.

Step 3: We’ll meet for our one on one session and get to work so that you can do what's needed to build, grow, and scale your business! Shortly after our session, I'll send along my Self-Made Mindset Blueprint.

I can't wait to get started!

Questions? Email me directly at: tina@tinacantrill.com