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2022 Applications Open!

Hi, I'm Tina.

Welcome to The Puissance Project

This unique project is designed to support young women as they develop into the leaders of the future. 

Targeting women from all countries, all walks of life, all levels of education, all cultures, and all work environments, The Puissance Project guides young women to realize and use their ability, power, and influence to benefit themselves, their families, and society as a whole.

Why Puissance?

'Puissance' is the French word meaning 'power', and is assigned a feminine identity: 'La Puissance'. It seemed a perfectly fitting name for this project. 

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The motivation behind The Puissance Project

As an executive coach and organizational culture consultant, I work with people across all spectrums of leadership. From corporate, to charity, to entrepreneurs, to institutions, to politicians, my clients come from many different industries and backgrounds, and from many countries across the world. 

Through listening to my clients, and through my own Fortune 500 executive experience, I hear and see that women continue to be under-represented in leadership: Interestingly, I hear this from both men and women. The data support these observations.

A 2019 study shows that, though the number of women in leadership has increased over the last five years, there remains a significant opportunity for greater representation at every level. The data show just 30%, 26%, and 21% of Vice-President (VP), Senior Vice-President (SVP), and C-Suite roles respectively are held by women. In itself, this is not the problem: It's a symptom of a problem that occurs at the first rung of the management ladder. Data show that women are considerably less likely then men to be promoted onto that first rung. With fewer women being poured into first-level management positions, it is inevitable there would be fewer higher up the ladder. 


Similarly in politics, data suggest women represent just 24% of national parliamentarians and 21% of Government Ministers.

Even in the entrepreneurial world, where the presence of women is increasing, global data show that only 6.2% of women entrepreneurs own established businesses, about two-thirds the rate of men.

Whilst there remains work to be done, it is encouraging to learn of the many organizations - both private and public - that are introducing specific initiatives to increase the representation of women in highly influential positions.


But this is only part of the story.


Still, today, young girls are constantly reminded not to ask for what they want. There are subtle and not-so-subtle messages prevalent throughout society suggesting that young girls are best seen and not heard, and admired for things that demonstrate meekness, acquiescence, and physical beauty. 

Today, therefore, it is unrealistic to rely on individual organizations or even society as a whole to create opportunities for young women. Instead, young women need to create those opportunities for themselves. 

This is the impetus behind The Puissance Project. 

Through building essential leadership skills early in their working lives, women will be able to take responsibility for their own destiny and create their own opportunities. The skills they learn in The Puissance Project will benefit them and their communities for many years to come. 

Change begins with one person. Let it be you.

The Benefits of The Puissance Project


Building a career, creating your destiny, and finding your voice without diluting who you truly are can be daunting prospects. 

How do you do it? What do you say and do? Who can help you?

The Puissance Project helps you answer those questions and many, many more. 

The Puissance Project is designed to guide and support you as you develop into a strong and grounded leader. 

You'll build a global support network, meet new people, and have the opportunity to learn about yourself and what you stand for on a really deep level. You'll be exposed to the art of leadership, and have multiple opportunities to put into practice what you learn. You'll be able to let existing or prospective employers know that you were successful in securing a scholarship for one of only three places on a global leadership development program.


You'll learn your own unique style, what works for you and what doesn't, and you'll learn how to be a real leader in your career, your community, and in your life. 

You'll be guided and supported by someone who's been there: Someone who knows the art of leading and coaching people to become great leaders. 

This is your opportunity to create your destiny, make your mark, and impact communities and society as a whole. 




How it works

The Puissance Project is a 6-month scholarship program for young women in their first two years of work.


Successful applicants receive weekly one-on-one coaching on all aspects of leadership development, and group coaching periodically throughout the 6-month period.  

Applicants from across the globe, and from all walks of life and professions, are invited to apply. Given the intensive individual support provided, a maximum of three applicants per intake will be accepted. There will be two intakes per year:

Intake 1

January - end June 2022

Applications open until Friday 10th December 2021

Intake 2

July to end December 2022

Applications open April 2022

Basic Requirements for Applicants

  1. Applicants should have a very strong command of spoken and written English. 

  2. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

  3. Applicants must be able to begin the program within the first two years of work.

            - Applicants who will complete the program up to six months after their two year work anniversary                    are eligible to apply.

            - Applicants who have recently completed high school, university, or college are eligible. 

The Commitments 

  1.  Participants agree to attend a minimum of 90% of all coaching sessions and commit to putting in the work and effort. With the exception of holidays (public and personal), coaching sessions will be held once weekly (45 minutes per session). 

  2. Participants agree to practice and share what they learn with others in their immediate and wider communities.

  3. Participants agree to support each other and be active in The Puissance Project community. 

  4. Participants agree to share their learnings with future Puissance Project cohorts in the form of at least one structured presentation and participate in The Puissance Project community.

  5. From time to time, participants will be asked to provide documented evidence of how they have applied their learnings. 


About The Puissance Project Creator

Tina Cantrill is an executive coach and organizational culture consultant on a mission to teach people how to create an environment that allows them to thrive. Her clients are global executives, senior leaders, and public and private sector organizations.  

Tina spent over two decades working in a number of Fortune 500 companies on two continents and in various countries. She has extensive experience at all levels of leadership, including over thirteen years at the senior executive level. 

Tina holds an MBA from the University of Leicester, a post-graduate certificate in adult education, she is Certified Professional Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner, Certified Organizational Culture Consultant, and an EQi & EQ360 Certified Practitioner. Tina also holds two black belts in Shito Ryu karate and teaches both children and adults. 

Tina is an active mentor for MBA students at a local business school, and a long-standing member of an Advisory Board at another business school. 

Finally, Tina is a very engaged and active wife, mum, daughter, and member of her community. If you'd like to know the whole story, you can read more about Tina HERE. 

Ready to apply?

To apply for The Puissance Project, please submit your resume along with your answers to the following questions.

1. What are the three main reasons you believe The Puissance Project will benefit you?

2. How will you use the skills and information you learn?

3. What does this mean to you? This is your opportunity to convince me why you are the right person for this program.

4. Please indicate where you are in your 'first two years of work' journey. 

Please submit your application to:

Deadline for application submission: Friday, 10th December 2021.

Applicants will be advised w/c: 20th December 2021

Program Kick-off: Monday 10th January 2022. 

What Happens Next?

Once all applications have been received, they will be reviewed and the successful candidates will be selected and contacted. 

Though we would love to contact everyone individually, this will largely depend on the number of applications received. Successful candidates will be advised via email and, once all successful candidates have accepted their place, a formal announcement will be made via LinkedIn.

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