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There's one thing I know for certain: You're uniquely brilliant

You're smart, talented, creative, capable.


And you can achieve far beyond what you've ever imagined possible. 

But here's the thing: You don't believe it. 

And that's in the way of you getting from where you are to where you want to be. 

Whether you're just starting out or growing and scaling, your mindset is your most powerful business tool.

Those who master their mindset succeed. Those who don't struggle. 

The success you crave is right there inside you.

It's been there all this time.

It's time to let it out.


Own your space in the world

You want to build and grow your business.


When you think about it you feel a rush of energy and excitement. But it doesn't last. Fear grabs your gut, twists it, and you want to crawl under a rock and hide.  

You slump back on the sofa and think "Other people can do it, so why not me? What the heck is wrong with me?"

Deep down, you want this. More than anything you want to build and grow your business. 


You want it for yourself, your family, and your future. You want to create a lifestyle that gives you financial and personal freedom. 


It's not like you haven't tried. You have.


You've paid for programs, systems, and tools that made little to no difference. You've tried following and copying successful entrepreneurs, but you never get the results they get. You've tried manifesting but that seems to be reserved for the chosen few.


You're tired of the emotional rollercoaster of one day believing you're going to nail this and the next, being gripped by doubt and landing back on the sofa, feeling totally defeated, consolable only by Netflix and a family-sized pack of M&Ms!

So now you're faced with a choice. 

You can choose to take control and mean it. Or you can choose not to. 

In that moment, in that split second, your future is decided. 

In that moment you decide:

  • To own it or half-ass it.

  • To dig in hard or quit.

  • To succeed or struggle.

  • To create the life you want or settle for the life you have.

Your success is driven by the choices you make and the action you take.  

When you take control, own your space, and do the work, you can have the business and the life you want. 

When you go in hard and show up consistently in your own skin: No apologies, no excuses.

When you get clear and confident in what you stand for.

When you stop playing at running a business and take control.

Then you get results. 

Sit with that for a second. 

Soak up the feeling of knowing you've nailed it. You built and grew a business. It's yours. You did it. 

It's that 'Head up, don't mess with me, pink champagne on the Champs Élysées, kind of feeling!

Let's unleash the beast!



Here's how we get you there:

We grab hold of your inner genius and get you out of your own way so that you can take control and be your own confident business boss.

We get clear on what you stand for so that you build your business with intention and purpose that makes sense.

We build reliable, completely real confidence so that you become a magnet for your clients.

We create a solid money mindset so you're free to make lots of it doing work you love.

We set goals the right way and create massive drive and commitment so you show up consistently and never settle or quit. 


I know what you're thinking.


You're thinking, "Okay Tina, that all sounds great. But if mindset was really the answer, wouldn't everyone be teaching it?"

The simple answer is "No". Most people figure out it's mindset that gets them where they want to be only after having tried a bunch of programs and systems and not getting the results they want.

Think about it.

How many systems, strategies, processes, tools, programs, tech gimmicks, and 'get rich quick' ideas have your tried but none of them ever seem to work for you?

How many times have you felt excited and determined because you think you've found the 'magic bullet', only to find within a few hours you're back on your couch, overwhelmed, confused and crying, and stuffing your face with chocolate and a decent Shiraz?

Here's the thing: Knowing what to do isn't your problem. You're smart, talented, and creative. You have a pretty good idea of what to do.


The key element you're missing is rock-solid self-belief and the refusal to quit until you make it. 

Extraordinary results are driven by ordinary people who put a stake in the ground, go in hard, take control, and never quit.

Now it's your turn. 

Join The Mindset Lab and be the business boss you want to be. 

Learn the secrets of business success from someone who's built and run multiple multi-million Fortune 500 blockbuster brands and franchises, and built her own businesses. 

Unleash your inner genius, take control, and create the financial and lifestyle rewards you crave.​

Introducing: The Mindset Lab

The Mindset Lab is the program that super-charges your potential and success.

It's the program that puts you in control of your business and results. 

It's the program that gets you out of your own way and sets you free to create the results, success, and life you want. 

The Mindset Lab is the missing piece.

The Mindset Lab Includes:

Module 1

Shoot From The Heart

92% of people never achieve their goals.

This is going to put you in the 8% who do. 

You learn how to set goals a in whole new way: A way that anchors you with an unrelenting commitment to pursue your goals until you get what you want.  

This framework is used by the 8% who achieve their goals. Welcome to the 8% Club!  

Module 2

Own Your Space

Leaders are bold, they have opinions, and they're not shy about sharing them!

We get crystal clear on what you stand for so that you can put a stake in the ground, confidently own your space, and attract your ideal people to you.  

And, we expose the unhelpful B.S. floating around in your head that's been holding you back and keeping you small. You create new beliefs that light the fire in your belly, boost your confidence, and give you the courage and dogged determination to succeed.

Goodbye doubt. Hello world!

Module 3

Be Your Own Boss

Successful businesses are run with intention. 

'Be Your Own Boss' gets you there.

You learn the secrets of taking control and becoming a leader in your field.


We package your true genius, strengths, and gifts in a way only you can so your clients can relate to you, learn from you, and work with you.  

You're a boss: It's time you felt like one.

Module 4

Master Your Money Mindset

If you're like most people, you have some pretty messed up beliefs about money. 

We change that and implant healthy, helpful money beliefs so that you're free to make as much of it as you want to.

You get clear and specific on the income you want and we set financial markers to keep you on track and focused. 


We're not done yet! Here are your amazing bonuses!

Bonus 1: Unlimited text support (Priceless!).

For the entire duration of the program, we're tethered. You get direct text access to me. When you need a motivational cattle-prod or a just a slight nudge to keep you 'on script', you text me and we make it happen: No need to wait until our scheduled calls!

Bonus 2:  'Free Pass' Bonus Session (Value $375)

At any point in the 8-week program, we get together on a call, grab a cup of coffee and solve a problem, create ideas, or find a way over, under, or through a block. 

Bonus 3: Enjoy a penalty-free payment plan!

Pay in three installments free of additional fees. 

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How it Works

The Mindset Lab is an intensive, eight-week, one-on-one coaching program that creates your 'Business-Boss' mindset. 

I work with my clients one-on-one because:

  1. We work on you and only you. Working one-on-one avoids 'group think' and keeps you focused on yourself.

  2. It feels safe: You get to be genuine, real, and completely open: Judgment free. 

  3. We invest on the things that make the biggest difference to your business and your results. 

The Calls

Every week for eight weeks, we get on a one-on-one call for what will be the most energizing and motivating 75 minutes of your week! We work through the modules, keep you moving forward, and we get the work done. 

We focus on you: Your mindset, your business, your success. 

You schedule your weekly calls at a time that works for you. 

The Workbooks

Each module comes with detailed workbooks to guide you clearly and efficiently through the work. 

You exit the program with your personal 'Mindset Lab Handbook' to keep you focused and growing, even after you've completed the program. 

The Videos

Each module is accompanied by videos that provide clear explanations, and detailed information about the content. 

The videos are designed to guide you through the program and give you more in-depth knowledge and information so that you learn lessons that stay with you for the rest of your life. 

The Text Support

This is priceless!

For the duration of the program, you text me when you have a question, concern, or challenge, and you need a friendly pep-talk, a gentle pummeling, or a solid kick up the jacksy to keep your mindset on script! You have me 'on tap'!

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What Happens Next?

Once you're enrolled, you receive a welcome email from me with links to the Client Agreement and Program Manual, and instructions on how to schedule your one-on-one sessions. 

As soon as your first session is scheduled, we get to work!

The Mindset Lab is an investment in your business, your life, and your success. 

This program is for you and about you.

Be the boss, take control, and unapologetically create the life you want.

It's all inside you. 

Are you ready to let it out?

If you have questions, get in touch and we can chat: tina@tinacantrill.com

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