The Leading Lady

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Your success is your business. 


Female leaders face some unique challenges. 

Many spend years struggling with warped self-perception, nagging self-doubt, and the back and forth belief that they're not worthy of their place at the table or in the boardroom.

They second-guess themselves and their decisions and often play it far too safe. 

Too many female leaders keep quiet when they want to speak, censor themselves when they do, and repeatedly undermine and discount their contributions. 

They confuse wanting to be liked with likeability, assertiveness with aggression, and asking for what they want with being too demanding. 


It's a common struggle to find that sweet-spot of unapologetically advocating for yourself, earning respect and trust as a solid leader, and being confident in your shoes. 

Layer on top of all of that the negative comments, misinformed perceptions, and deliberate undermining (from men and women!) and you have a recipe for unfulfilled potential. 

I know thousands of women who spend weeks, months, and years doubting themselves, their worth, and their place at the table. 

You've earned your place at that table. It's time you owned it. 

Introducing The Leading Lady. 

This 10-week program is offered for individual leaders and groups of female professionals at all levels and at all career stages.

This 10-week program will:

  • Elevate your executive and leadership presence so that you stand out as a trusted, respected leader

  • Teach you how to manage attempts to undermine or overlook you 

  • Show you how to use your personal power effectively and decisively

  • Teach you how to advocate for yourself

  • Give you the courage to take the risks senior and executive-level leaders are expected to take 

  • Build your self-confidence so that you can succeed as yourself (no trying to be someone you're not!)

  • Put an end to self-doubt and second-guessing

  • Teach you how to communicate intentionally, clearly, and assertively

  • Show you how to  get what you want and/or need  for your career, business, and team

  • Show you how to avoid the most common career-killing mistakes female leaders make

  • Propel your career success


Individuals: $3,750

Groups: Please contact me for group rates

To reserve this program, please contact me or email me directly at

The Leading Lady Program

Week 1

Week 2

Find Your Feet

  • Put your stake in the ground

  • Create your story

  • Being real

Own Your Place

  • Beliefs and behaviours

  • Look the part

  • Positioning & posturing

Week 3

Week 4

Manage Your Power

  • Build support

  • Put advocates to work

  • Managing up

Get Clear

  • Direct communication

  • Increase impact & influence

  • Speak intentionally

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Stand Up, Speak Out

  • Set expectations

  • Communicate boundaries

  • Train others how to treat you

Mind Your Language

  • Effective contributions in meetings

  • Make yourself heard

  • Solid contributions

Deal With The Doubters

  • Deal with intimidators & underminers

  • Take control

  • Silence naysayers

Week 8

Plan Your Future

  • Career planning

  • Create your path

  • Getting there

Week 9

Week 10

Promote Yourself

  • Create advocates

  • Sell yourself

  • Leverage your network

Get What You Want

  • Build your case

  • Getting past no

  • Getting to yes