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The First 90-Days

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Congratulations, you got the job!

You have 90-days to prove yourself. 

Gaining momentum is critical. 

In your first 90-days, avoiding failure isn't enough. To accelerate your success, you must show your worth, create value, and focus on the things that will make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time. 

Over 50% of leaders in new roles fail in their first 90-days. It has nothing to do with competency, knowledge, smarts, or skill. It has everything to do with their focusing on the wrong things. 

The First 90-Days is designed to accelerate success in your new role. 

This program is born out of my own experience of frequent promotion, and the experiences of my clients. 

The First 90-Days sets you up for success; now, in 90-days, and long into the future. 

The First 90-Days Includes:

  • Your own guided 90-day success plan

  • 12 x 60-minute sessions (one per week for 12 weeks)

  • Worksheets & cheatsheets with each session

Investment: $4,500

To reserve this program or to make enquiries, please email directly at:, or contact us HERE.

The First 90-Days Program

Week 1

Week 2

Hit The Ground Running

  • Promoting yourself

  • Negotiating Priorities

  • Clarify Expectations

Get Informed

  • Past, present and future

  • Asking the right questions

  • Identifying cultural norms

Week 3

Week 4

Focus Your Energy

  • Assessing & diagnosing the business/situation

  • Know your vulnerabilities

  • Fixes & successes

Set-up For Success

  • Creating the boss you want to have

  • Agree on Focus

  • Getting the green light

Weeks 5 & 6

Week 7

Show Your Worth

  • Securing early wins

  • Building Trust

  • Building credibility

Strategy, Structure, Culture

  • Charting your course

  • Structure and systems

  • Creating the culture

Week 8

Assess Your Team

  • Putting the right people in the right roles

  • Hiring and moving

  • Creating habits

Week 9

Build Your Network

  • Identifying who can help you and who will get in the way

  • Creating and leveraging relationships

  • Influencing and leading

Week 10

Stabilise Yourself

  • Establishing boundaries

  • Training people how to treat you

  • Staying focused

Week 11

Lift Your People

  • Establishing cultural norms

  • Developing talent

  • Succession Planning

Week 12


  • What's working & what's not

  • Refining your role

  • Making adjustment

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