Team Effectiveness

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When teams work together, results get delivered. 

When teams break down, results are - at best - sub-optimal. 

Today, and throughout my corporate career, I am struck by the significance of trust amongst colleagues. Where trust is evident, people work together as a seamless, cohesive unit that aligns, commits, and stays focused on doing what they do well. When people trust each other they share ideas, successes, lessons learned, and solutions, and they serve clients and customers in a way that makes the organization stand out from the crowd. To minimize the effects of competition, lead through change or uncertainty, or increase revenue or profit, weave trust into your organization. 

A lack of trust kills success. It causes internal politics, back-biting, undermining (subtle and not so subtle), passive aggression, one-upmanship, and internal competition. While toxic chaos ensues, your competitors eat your lunch. 

My work with dysfunctional and sub-optimally performing teams brings members together on a very deep level: No superficial or fluffy 'Kumbaya around the campfire'! This is not an emotional Band-Aid. And we're not trying to create a group of new best friends.

We unpack what's really at the heart of the dysfunction, bring it into the room, and work through it in a safe and respectful environment. Only by exposing the real truth behind the dysfunction can it be effectively resolved. 

We spend two consecutive days together, intentionally creating the environment for genuine honesty and difficult conversations. 

The objective is to release the talent of the team from the strangle-hold of distrust, frustration, and sub-optimal performance. This is an intense journey into your basic human behaviours where you emerge as a functioning, effective, results-generating, committed team. 

"I had the pleasure of working with Tina to facilitate a team-building workshop for a local charity. Her professionalism and level of preparation was impressive. Ahead of time, she quickly and effectively identified the problems, dug into the issues, and clearly outlined the expectations and objectives for the workshop. Her enthusiasm and ability to engage participants on the day of the workshop was remarkable. Everyone was heard and had the opportunity to feed into the solutions.

I highly recommend Tina.You won’t be disappointed."   

                     Jennifer Lalonde, Executive Director, Ottawa West Community Support

Team Effectiveness Workshop

Who this is for

Teams that are toxic and dysfunctional, or teams that are consistently under-performing and under-delivering.

What it involves

  • Two days, preferably off-site, with the entire team - including the leader - present. 

  • The team leader is part of the process.

  • I facilitate the process and you provide the content through guided discussion.

Associated Fees

  • $3,997 for two days

  • Includes individual pre-workshop sessions with each team member

  • Expenses are additional

To reserve or make inquiries, please contact Tina HERE