Executive Coaching

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When we work together, you're working with someone who's walked in your shoes. I understand you, your personal and professional challenges and frustrations, and I know the questions to ask to expose deep insights that allow you to take inspired action and see visible results.


As your coach, my role is to challenge you to think differently, to see things you wouldn't see alone, and to take massive, bold strides with courage and confidence. I help you see yourself in whole new light: One that will make you unstoppable. 

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

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Emotional intelligence is has been proven to be a strong indicator of human performance and leadership potential and, with development in specific targeted areas, you can gain a significant advantage in your leadership career. 

Emotions are data. Mastering your own and understanding other people's provides rich information that helps you remain calm and in control, make sound decisions, and lead with authenticity and genuine intention.

EQi is the not-so-secret ingredient that makes good leaders great, and great leaders extraordinary.

Worskhops & Retreats

Business Team

I'm a firm believer in workshops and retreats that achieve three things:

  • The content is relevant to you, your environment, and the specific situation.

  • You leave more knowledgeable, skilled, and clear than you arrived. 

  • What you learn can be applied immediately. 

I work with you to ensure your specific needs are met.

Organizational Culture Assessment,

Change & Development

Go Team

Science shows positive culture promotes investment in people, clear ethical standards, good behaviour at the top, strategic alignment, and high levels of accountability. This translates into engaged and committed employees, creativity, innovation and efficiency, loyal customers and stakeholders, and top and bottom-line results.  

Whether you pay attention to it or not, culture develops. Whilst nature will always play a role in culture development, intentional action will steer it in the most productive and beneficial direction.