The Confident Speaker

Engaging an audience - however small or large - is a critical skill for leaders, those who want to become leaders, influencers, business owners, and anyone with an important message to convey, or burning passion to share.


Being able to speak confidently can establish you as a thought leader, influence a promotions board, build your career, grow your business, drive sales, and dramatically increase your visibility and influence. Public speaking is one of the fastest and most effective ways to impact and influence people in a way that causes an instantaneous change in their behaviour. 


Despite it's obvious value as a marketing tool, means of influence, and potential to inspire and motivate, fear of public speaking - or glossophobia - is the content of many people's nightmares. Often ranked as more terrifying than spiders, confined spaces, and heights, speaking in front of an audience fills many [otherwise confident] people with terror. 

If you're one of those people who dreads, despises, or fears public speaking, you'll be all too familiar with the dry mouth, unsteady hands, racing mind, excessive heat that comes from nowhere, and the feeling that you're going to freeze and forget everything when you walk on stage, stand behind a podium, or just step into the boardroom to deliver a presentation. No matter how well you prepare and rehearse, you feel your delivery is 'choppy' and often sounds scripted. You hope and pray that no-one asks a question and derails your flow for fear you won't find your way back to where you were. To calm your nerves and find your place,  you turn and look at the screen and sometimes find yourself reading from your slides. Perhaps you're someone who can't wait to finish and get the hell off the stage or out of the boardroom, so you race through your talk and eat your words. And it does nothing for your confidence when you gaze out into the audience and see people fidgeting or struggling to keep their eyes open. Heck, just reading this is making your heart race.

Okay, deep breath. 

Let's change the scenario. 

Imagine stepping onto that stage with absolute confidence that you're going to deliver a brilliantly engaging talk. Your audience is hanging on your every word. You walk the stage, making eye contact with people as you take them on a journey, spiraling up and down, and enjoy the emotional charge in the room. People tell you what a great speaker you are; in fact you become known for it. 

Imagine walking into the boardroom where you have to present or contribute to a discussion. Business presentations and discussions can be 'content heavy' and it's easy to get bogged down with numbers and 'dry' content that lose your audience. Not to mention it can be nerve-wracking to present to a room full of suits! So, instead of the sweaty palms, umming and ahhing, and feeling tongue-tied no matter how much your rehearse, imagine walking into the boardroom as though you own it. You take immediate control and take your audience on a logical, engaging walk to where you want their minds to go. You welcome questions and discussion; in fact, you encourage them. You're in charge and you know exactly where you're going and how to get there. People are carried along by your confidence, energy, and enthusiasm. You deliver presentations that get you what you need to move yourself and your business forward. And you contribute to discussions in a way that makes people sit up and take notice. 

Speaking - whether it be in a boardroom, on a stage, on a podcast, or on video or TV - can be one of the most energizing, exciting, rewarding things you'll ever do. It boosts visibility and relatability that gets you noticed so that you can boost your business, your career, and motivate and inspire people. 

The Confident Speaker is a comprehensive, step-by-step program to get you there. Using one specific presentation, you learn the formula to craft your message, prepare yourself and your material, and deliver what you have to say in an engaging, assertive way, time and time again. 

You go from dreading presenting or fearing to speak, to feeling confident and doing it like a pro. Yes, it's absolutely possible.

Here's how we get you there.

Step 1

The Presenter

The success of every presentation lays entirely in the hands of the presenter. 

This is where we focus on you. Your fears, concerns, and your beliefs about your abilities as a presenter. And we tune your mind into The Confident Speaker you're about to become. 

Step 2

The Story

Whether you're presenting a business review to the executive team, speaking with potential investors, providing business updates, or using speaking as marketing tool, every presentation needs a purpose, a message, and a direction; a story. 

Whomever your audience may be, and whatever the content you're presenting, here you'll learn how to craft a story that is heard, understood, and acted upon.

Step 3

The Preparation

We work through a real-life presentation so that you learn the most effective and efficient way to prepare your material, your audience, and yourself. 

You learn how to weave humour and emotion into your presentation - yes, even those dry, data-heavy presentations - so that you can engage your audience from the outset and keep them hooked for the entire presentation. 

Step 4

The Delivery

Lights, camera, action!

You deliver a recorded presentation and then send to me for review. Or, where preferred, I can attend your presentation live and we do Steps 4 and 5 on the spot.  

Step 5

The Refinement

We spend ninety minutes together, reviewing your presentation and refining the details so that you become ever more confident, capable, and engaging.

 How it Works


The Confident Speaker is a twelve-week program that takes you from anxious, nervous, and breaking out in a cold sweat when you think about speaking, to a confident, engaging, polished speaker. Whether presenting in the boardroom, on a stage to large audiences, or on podcast or video, this program will develop your skills, confidence, and poise as an engaging, professional speaker. 

Here's how the program evolves:

1:1 Sessions

Every week for twelve weeks, we meet for an hour and work through each step of the process. Throughout the program, we weave mindset and confidence coaching into our time together so that you emerge as The Confident Speaker you're about to become. 

Unlimited Feedback

At each step of the process, you have full email access to me to get the feedback you need to develop your skills in building and delivering a presentation. The feedback is personalized to you and your own specific needs. 

Individual Review

Whether in person or via video, I review your presentation personally and provide 90-minutes of suggestions and feedback to accelerate your skills as an engaging, confident speaker. 

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What Happens Next?

Once you're enrolled, you receive a welcome email from me with links to the Client Agreement and Program Manual, and instructions on how to schedule your one-on-one sessions. 

As soon as your first session is scheduled, we get to work!

If you select the payment plan, there are NO ADDITIONAL FEES. You simply pay the same fee in three equal payments!

The Confident Speaker is an investment in career, your success, and your business.

If speaking is part of your job, or if you're using speaking to drum up investment or interest in your business, it's critical that you're interesting, engaging, intentional, and confident. 

The Confident Speaker will get you there. ​

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