One-on-One  Coaching

Anything you want to achieve can be achieved by harnessing the power already inside you. 

My job to help you let it out. 

As your coach and behaviour expert, I help you unwrap your internal genius, dare to dream, set big goals, and get you out of your own way so that you can achieve beyond your current imagination.

I do this by getting to know you on a deep level, and treating you as the unique person you are. I listen to your dreams, goals,  ambitions, and plans, and I ask perceptive questions that bring into clear focus what's holding you back, causing you to doubt yourself, and what's eating away at your confidence. 

I help you create the mindset and confidence that arm you with the mental tools necessary to run towards and through the things that scare you, so that you can achieve big things in work, business, and life. During our time together, you will take your biggest, boldest strides and realize that everything is possible. 

Coaching is an unbelievable process of self-discovery and transformation: I know, it sounds like a cliché. But after a catastrophic, life-changing event, it was NLP and CBT coaching that helped me back on my feet. The impact was so dramatic, I trained as a professional coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and CBT practitioner and made coaching my career.

Now, I have the privilege of helping you. 

Wherever you're located, I can help you: I work with clients from all corners of the globe. Almost all my private coaching is done online using a secure video platform. 

During our time together you'll laugh, you may cry, and you'll learn things about yourself you never knew. My role as your coach is to support you, encourage you, and challenge you to unleash your true potential.


Nothing give me a higher high than seeing you achieve beyond what you previously thought possible. 

Private Coaching Packages



The Breakthrough Session

The '911' of coaching. 


This 90-minute intensive session is for people who have an immediate, looming, overwhelming challenge to overcome: Perhaps you just got laid off and you're in a tail-spin and can't see a way forward. Perhaps you're struggling to fit in with your organization and are considering quitting. Perhaps you're challenged by a 'difficult personality' and are at your wits' end. 


Those times when your brain is scrambled, your mind is racing, and need to talk it through - 'Stat' - are the perfect times for The Breakthrough Session. You'll leave the session completely clear on your next steps. 

Your Commitment

90 minutes

Your Investment






The Confidence Boost Intensive - Professional

This program is for professionals who find their confidence wavering, faltering, or slipping away. 

Even seasoned professionals can find themselves unhinged from their usual confident selves when faced with lay-off, restructures, uncertainty, persistent difficulties, launching or building a business, and personal challenges that are starting to affect confidence at work.

This program is intense. It's designed to get to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently so you can regain your professional and personal sea-legs, fast. 

In the Confidence Boost Intensive, you will:

  • Uncover exactly what is at the root of your concerns, challenges, and issues. 

  • Learn how to overcome fear and doubt, and find reliable confidence quickly.​

  • Stop overwhelm and take control of your schedule and your time.

  • Learn how to deal with 'difficult personalities' without it affecting your confidence.

  • Learn how to take control, and remain in control, of your emotions.

  • How to set real, genuine boundaries.

The Confidence Boost Intensive - Professional is a four-week program to get you standing comfortably and confidently in your professional and personal shoes.  

Your Commitment

45 minutes, twice weekly for four weeks.

Your Investment






Customized Coaching Packages 

If your specific need would benefit from a more 'a la carte' approach, you are able to purchase one of the coaching packages below. ​

You set the agenda for each session as we work through challenges and develop skills to accelerate your leadership potential, confidence, and success. 

Reserve & Schedule in less than 5-minutes.

  1. Choose 60-minute or 45-minute sessions. 

  2. Select your package: 4, 8, or 10 sessions.

  3. Click the relevant circle to reserve. 

  4. Schedule your sessions at a time that works for you.

For your convenience, all eight and ten-session packages are billed in two equal payments with no additional fees. 






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