Why your own inspiration produces the best content.

Updated: Mar 29

We've all done it. Okay then, I've done it.

We've trawled other people's content in the hope that it will ignite a spark of genius inside us so that we can produce our own. And sometimes it does. For a while. But have you noticed the 'feast or famine' effect it has? You read something, you get all excited, you write a blog post, do a video, go live on social media, and you feel as though you've nailed it. Only to find that the next day (or even the next hour), your genius has gone from a beautiful grape bursting with juice and flavour, to a shrivelled little currant. Oh yes, I've been that currant more times than I care to mention.

Now, I'm not suggesting you stop reading and learning and enjoying some of the fantastic material out there. What I am suggesting is that you stop using it to inspire your own content.

Here's the problem. When you spend too much time looking outward for inspiration and ideas, you kill your own creativity. You strangle and suffocate what's inside you, and you throttle your uniqueness and wisdom. You limit ideas and your potential because you place too much weight on what other people think. You adopt their thoughts and perspectives as your own - even when you don't fully buy into them - and regurgitate them in your own words. It's not your inspiration: It's someone else's; repackaged. And you feel 'off' which leads to yet another content drought and you believing you suck and you can't do this. It's all lies! You can do it.

You are a unique individual with tons of wisdom, ideas, and experiences just bursting to get out. What's gagging your brilliance is you. Your fear. Your fear of being judged, seen, evaluated, categorized. The fear of not being as good as other people, or just not being good enough, period.

If you think using other people's content to inspire your own is a good idea, generally speaking it's not. You'll lose yourself and your audience, your message will get foggy, and you'll get confused. Your self-confidence will tank and you'll start believing that your perspective and opinions are limited, unjust, uninteresting, uninspired, depleted. None of which is true.

If you can't yet believe it for yourself, please, take it from me. You already have everything you need to succeed. It's all there inside you. Trust yourself, let it all out, and express yourself as only you know how. If writing is your thing, write. If you prefer to talk, do video or a podcast. Or go nuts and do all three! I know you feel vulnerable but once you get going, you'll feel like bloody super-woman!

You CAN do this. Just do you.


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