Wake up!

There's a growing trend in online business owners. And it's really ticking me off.

It's this: There are thousands upon thousands of talented, brilliant, strong women out there who are doing their utmost to create a lifestyle and income that supports their families, and they're getting stuck before they leave the starting blocks. And it's not their fault.

Why is this happening? Two words: Group-think.

We're constantly told that growing an online business is hard, that there are 'secrets' to making it work, that "I struggled and struggled until I did this one thing...", that you need this program, that system, this strategy, that tech or you'll never succeed...

There is so much talk about fear and scarcity and magic formulae that we get sucked into the commentary and start to believe it. The chatter in social media groups is skewed heavily towards being stuck, desperate, and unsuccessful. So what happens? We all start to feel stuck, desperate, and unsuccessful. Then, the doubt sets in and we start to believe we can't build or grow a business, we're not cut out for it, and we should give up and get a proper job. And that's the power of group-think: We believe the messages we hear most often. Add to that that negativity spreads through a community far faster than positivity, and you have a recipe for endless self-doubt, procrastination, hesitation, and giving up on your dreams.

Enough already!

Surround yourself with people who think and speak positively; people who believe you can do it. Find yourself an accountability partner who won't let you quit. Lean on someone who believes in you until you learn to believe in yourself. Get yourself an 'on tap' source of encouragement and motivation until you see a breakthrough and get your wings.

There's no system, program, tool, or strategy that will give you the success you crave. Only you can do that. And you do it by believing you can do it, trusting yourself to do it, and then doing it. If there is a secret formula to success, then that's it.

Do you need tools and systems? Yes, of course. But they're just that: Tools and systems to make your business run more smoothly. They can't and will never be able to generate success. Only you can do that.

I wish you could see me as I'm writing this. I'm banging harder than usual on my poor keyboard. Because this bothers me to my very core. To see brilliant, talented, smart women doubt themselves, stay hidden, and settle or quit rather than intentionally going for their dreams, makes me want to scream from the roof-tops, "It's all inside you! Let it out!"

You can have your dreams. You can build your business. You can achieve anything you want to when you focus on it and give it all you've got.

Now believe in yourself, trust yourself, shut out the noise, be intentional, and take control of your business.

You can have it all. It's about time you believed it.

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