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How to change your thoughts so you don't quit.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Our feelings drive everything we do.

We spend our entire lives taking action based on how we feel. It goes without saying then, that understanding how your feelings affect your actions is pretty darned important when you're trying to build a business! Why? Because actions deliver results: Both desirable and undesirable.

Okay, now that you know that feelings cause actions, and actions deliver results, you're probably wondering how, then, can you learn to control or manage your feelings? If you can do that, surely you must be able to affect your results.

Well yes, and no. Humour me for a second.

There are only two reasons we take action: We run away from feelings of fear and discomfort, or we run towards feelings of pleasure and reward. We use metaphorical 'carrots' to coax ourselves into taking a specific action that we believe will replace unpleasant feelings with pleasurable ones. For passion-driven entrepreneurs, it can sound something like this: "Once I get my niche nailed, I know I'll feel much more confident", or, "Once I have three clients, I'll feel so much better about my business." But it just doesn't happen and before you know it, you've re-hashed your niche a dozen times, you give up when you miss closing your first two sales calls, you feel totally overwhelmed, and you feel further away than when you started.

Here's why. When we act from a position of escaping negative feelings, we hesitate and half-ass it. While we believe we're taking action in spite of the how bad we feel, we're actually taking action because of it: We're trying to run away. When that happens, we aren't able to tap into our strengths, passions, and creativity and we're not in a position to go all in and take bold action. Naturally, this never delivers the desired or anticipated results and before we know it, we're back to free webinars, downloads, and spinning in circles wondering if we're really cut out for the entrepreneurial life.

So how can you control your feelings so that they don't control you?

You start by changing your thoughts.

Feelings have to originate somewhere, and they all begin in your mind. Feelings are merely physical manifestations of thoughts. So, you change your thoughts and you change your feelings. You change your feelings, and you change your actions. You change your actions, and you change your results.

And that's mindset.

Your success starts and stops 100% inside your own head. To change your results, you first have to change how you think. There is no wizardry in this. It's simply learning the process to change your thoughts to drive your success rather than inhibit it.

Thoughts = Feelings = Actions = Results = Thoughts = Feelings = Actions... You get the idea.

You have absolutely everything you need to be successful. It's all there inside you. Tap into your genius and let it out.

On the other side of fear is everything you ever dreamed of.

You've got this!


It's mindset - not strategy - that gets your business off the ground and thriving.

and learn to become a mindset master and get your business off the ground.

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