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Are you playing to your strengths?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Let me start by asking a question.

Have you ever signed up for downloads, masterclasses, webinars etc with the expectation that you’re going to find that silver bullet to solve all your problems and propel you to success?

You have? Me too.

And once you’re armed with the tools and feel excited to implement them, do you feel completely overwhelmed and confused when you try?

Yes? Me too.

Here’s why.

You see someone who’s successful and you think they have the answer and, if you replicate it, you’ll be successful too. But here’s the problem. Those successful people have the answer that works for them; not you. Now, I’m not talking about people who have clear, well-thought out, tried, tested, and proven systems and processes. Those can be incredibly helpful. I’m talking about the people who tell you that you’ll be an overnight success if you speak, write a book, do a podcast, design an online course, host a webinar, do a retreat, run a Facebook ad, create videos, write a blog etc. Are these people trying to mislead you to get you to part with their money? Some would say yes. I say no. I believe they’re trying to help. They have found the ‘thing’ that works for them and they want it to work for you too (call me naïve, but I prefer to believe that people’s intentions are good). But that can’t happen if you’re not playing to your strengths. It happened for them because they’re playing to theirs.

The point is, you need to find what works for you. What feels right for you. You have to know your strengths and play to them. If you hate speaking, why would use speaking as a way to grow your business? You may try, but I promise you, you won’t stick with it. And it’s the inconsistency and lack of persistence that's the kiss of death for entrepreneurs.

When I work with my clients, I help them uncover their strengths and unique gifts. I help them step into the limelight as themselves and not someone else. I help them unleash what’s already inside them and use those things to propel them forward. I help them unleash their success.

I’ve learned many lessons in my corporate and entrepreneurial lives, perhaps the biggest one being that everything you need to succeed is already inside you. But it takes courage and confidence to let it out. And that’s why I do what I do. I meet so many incredible women with so many talents and gifts to bring to the world. What an honour it is to help them to step into the amazing people they are, and build their success from the inside.

It really is the only way.


It's mindset - not strategy - that gets your business off the ground and thriving.

and learn how to become a mindset master and get your business off the ground.


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