"The task of the leader is to get people from where they are to where they have not been."

                                                                                                                                          Henry Kissinger

I would add to that, "And where they don't yet believe they can go."

Leadership is no longer about command and control. 

Today, leadership is about three things:


  • Purpose

  • Presence

  • People


1. Purpose

In today's 'free market', people demand more than merely a pay-cheque: They can get one of those anywhere. Today, people want a reason to do what they do, they want a purpose bigger than themselves that lights the fire in their bellies and ignites emotion. They want to feel something.

Today's leaders are tasked with finding the purpose that inspires and motivates tens, hundreds, even thousands of people to pull in one direction, collectively, for the greater good of customers, company, and community. 

Once defined, purpose is the most powerful leadership, retention, and talent attraction tool you have.

2. Presence

Leadership - or executive - presence comprises five key elements: 

  • Confidence

  • Character

  • Comportment

  • Communication

  • Consistency

For people to follow a leader, they must first trust him or her. They must have faith in their leadership and confidence in the leader's ability to lead. The five elements of presence create leaders that build deep-rooted trust, and unshakeable confidence with their teams. 

3. People

Your people are your most expensive and valuable resource. 

Today's leaders must know how to bring out the brilliance in each individual. They must learn what motivates and inspires them individually and collectively. They must know how to attract and retain the best, and create an environment - a culture - that makes people want to commit to the organization's purpose. 

Today's leaders must be master coaches who develop every person in the team. The investment in people is costly and, when done well, it's worth every minute, every hour, and every dollar. 

How I can help

I work with organizations and teach leaders how to create huge competitive advantage by engaging people on a deep, humane level, energizing them to do great things, and keep them focused and committed on getting the job done, and done well. 

I teach leaders how to use the unquestionable power of humane leadership.

From single-day workshops to entire leadership development programs, I support your organization to create solid leaders at all levels.

Leadership Development Programs


I work closely with each individual organization to design and deliver programs that take leaders from good to great to extraordinary. 

Here are some of our workshops:

  • Purpose, Passion & Performance: How to feel your way to consistent results. 

  • Five Cs: The Art of Leadership Presence

  • Deep Coaching for Big Results

  • Create & Manage a Healthy Culture

  • Team Conflict Resolution (workshop for teams functioning under par) 

  • Executive Coaching for Individual Leaders

Associated Fees

  • 1 day workshop = $3,000​

  • 2 day workshop = $4,500

  • Exploratory discussions, needs analysis, planning, and evaluation included. 

  • Workbooks included for up to 20 participants (>20 participants, add $20/participant).

  • Expenses additional

To discuss your specific leadership development needs, please contact Tina.