High-Impact Coaching

Women often ask me how to become more confident, assertive, and determined. 

They want to know how to stop doubting themselves and assuming they're wrong and others are right. 

They want to know how to as confident as the other confident women they see. 

How do you get yourself and your colleagues and teams to take massive, bold action when you're full of self-doubt, uncertainty, or fear? How do move forward confidently when you're second-guessing yourself? How do you stop worrying about failing, being fired, looking foolish, or getting it 'wrong'?

With high-impact coaching. 

In this program, you learn how to use deep coaching to expose real issues and performance-blocking thought patterns in yourself and others. You learn specific questioning techniques, body language cues, and high-impact probes that flip your mindset in seconds. You learn how to play with your thoughts, and the thoughts of others, and build a mindset that encourages fearless thought and action.

You learn the secret to rock-solid confidence and consistently high performance. 

Leadership Development Programs


New Leader Development 

  • Who this is for

    • People in their first two years of leadership.

    • For 5-20 participants 

  • What it involves

    •  21 hours of live or online training (divided over 3 days), plus 3 hours of individual one-on-one coaching

    • Topics covered​​:

      • What leadership is and is not

      • Practical fundamentals for effective leadership

      • Building a cohesive, high-performing team

      • Setting goals for focus, motivation, inspiration, and commitment

      • Coaching for performance

      • Creating culture & alignment

  • Associated Fees

    • Training: $5,500​

    • Coaching: $450/participant

    • Course materials included for up to twenty participants

    • Expenses additional

To schedule, contact Tina HERE.


Lead From The Top

  • Who this is for

    • Leaders of leaders: C-suite, executive teams, senior-level leadership teams (eg Sales directors).

    • For 5-50 participants

  • What it involves

    • One-day (8 hours) intensive workshop. This can be spread over two days if preferred.

    • Topics covered:

      • Real Authentic Leadership​ 

      • Intentional Leadership

      • Coaching from the top

      • Creating organizational culture and alignment

      • Goal setting for competitive advantage & sustainable success

  • Associated Fees​

    • $3,950

    • Includes:

      • Eight-hour workshop (includes pre-workshop assessment and workshop materials)

      • Post-workshop report

    • For groups over twenty participants, add $20 per participant.​

    • Expenses additional

To schedule, contact Tina HERE.



The Mindset Lab for Leaders & Teams

The Mindset Lab is my proprietary program specifically developed to create deep-rooted confidence, authenticity, and personal mental strength in individuals and leaders. 


Grounded in science and proven through experience, The Mindset Lab teaches people how to be highly effective and achieve re peated success in work and in life. Using five critical mindset elements, this program transforms what people believe about themselves and what they're capable of achieving. 

  • Who this is for

    • ​Every person inside your organization. ​

    • Leaders and teams at all levels benefit, both as employees and as human beings. 

    • For 10-50 participants

  • What it involves​

    • 14-hours of training spread across two days, preferably four weeks apart. ​

    • Guided exercises in the period between the two days.

  • Associated Fees

    • $​4,500

    • Materials included for up to twenty participants. Greater than twenty, add $10/participant.

    • Expenses additional

To schedule, contact Tina HERE.


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