High-Impact Leadership

Great leaders need great coaches. 

Why? Because great leaders must be real, raw, and vulnerable. 

They must lead with their hearts as much as with their heads. 

They must be brave, human, and unapologetically themselves. 

Today's leaders must learn to become soft-skill geniuses. 

But here's the thing.


The very skills great leaders need to inspire, motivate, and influence are the very skills that can become diluted and lost as they succeed and achieve more.  


Think about it. 

You're pressed for time. 

Your to-do list gets longer every day, and with every promotion. 

You want people to take initiative and get the job done. You know you should be coaching them, but it's just so much faster to tell them what to do (or do it yourself). You answer their questions and direct their work because it gets them out of your office. But now they don't seem to be able to make a decision without your input. They're in your office every day, checking they're on the right track. And then you get impatient, and even unapproachable because you're overloaded with your own work, never mind everyone else's'. 

You're known for getting the work done, but you're the one doing most of it!

But then you get promoted and find that telling people what to do no longer works. 

What got you to this point isn't what will take you to the next level and the next. 

To get to the next level, you need to learn the art and application of soft-skills. Call it emotional savvy, emotional intelligence, or 'people-whispering', it's an absolutely essential skill for modern leaders. 

In today's world, to build communities, create massive competitive advantage for themselves and their organizations, and build companies that are great places to work, leaders must be soft-skill maestros. 

But the truth is, there's nothing 'soft' about 'soft skills'.

It's easier to command than it is to influence. It's easier and faster to direct than to draw out individual genius. And it's easier to detach than it is to feel. 

But none of that is sustainable for you, or for the people you work with. 

The magic happens when leaders place influence over instruction, individualism over institutionalization, and insight alongside intuition. 

To be a great leader takes courage and confident vulnerability. 

Courage to go left when everyone is going right. Courage to say no and push back.

Confidence to show emotion, vulnerability, patience, and human spirit. 

Today, great leaders must build trust by trusting themselves: Their beliefs, their instincts, and their intuition. 

Whatever stage of leadership you're at, and wherever you lead, now is always the best time to learn the magic of High-Impact Leadership. 

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