Executive Coaching

For Private & Public Sector Leaders

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Who do I work with?

It's well documented that positive leadership and culture help individuals and organizations attain spectacular levels of achievement.

I'm not talking about the 'Kumbaya-round-the-campfire, rainbows and unicorns, everything is perfect in this rosy garden' Pollyannaish kind of positivity. I'm talking about the kind of leadership and culture that emphasizes the things that elevate individuals and organizations to extraordinary levels. 

I work with public and private sector leaders at all levels - individuals and groups: I coach positive leadership, I teach positive leadership, and I help organizations build positive, thriving, resilient, creative, results-driven cultures. 

How I work

I have three firm beliefs about executive coaching:


1. If you're a leader - irrespective of level - you need a coach to reach your full potential.

2. Coaching should nudge you away from comfort and towards extraordinary. 

3. The coaching relationship is built on positivity, candour, and trust. 

As your executive coach, I help you become and remain grounded, consistent, and emotionally, cognitively, and physically productive. 

My coaching is pragmatic: I don't fill you with theoretical niceties. I drill down and hit on the beliefs and behaviours that make the biggest difference to your performance. My strength is being able to tune into each individual to guide them through the emergent process of discovering how to use what they already have - to a greater or lesser degree - to achieve consistent success and become an extraordinary leader.  

No two coaching mandates and no two people are the same. For that reason, I don't use a single, prescribed process: I use many approaches with my clients. Some mandates are an intensive three months, and others are indefinite. Some clients I see weekly and others, monthly. We work together in a way that best suits your needs. 

My clients come from all corners of the globe, and I meet with them virtually and/or in person. 

Executive Coaching  


The most productive way for you to find out how I can help you is to send me a note or, if you prefer, we

hop on a call. You can contact me HERE.

I work with leaders from newly appointed to seasoned C-Suite executives. I work closely with the client and, where applicable, relevant stakeholders within their organizations. 


Each executive coaching mandate is specific to the individual or group concerned. 

Each of my executive coaching clients receives unlimited text and email access to me between coaching sessions: When something urgent arises between sessions, we can address it immediately. 

Curious? Please contact Tina and she will get back to you within 24-hours.